The War of the Worlds!

Is one example of something i got free today, along with:

  • A plastic bag of biblical proportions
  • A mug of less grandure
  • Another book I cannot be bothered to look at
Somethings I didn't get free today:

  • The Guardian - the portal for free things
  • Coke - The toilet needing device of graphics lectures
  • A Cinema Ticket - wopple doddle
But the basic main news of today is that my left hand smells of digestive biscuits, or thats my feet. oh wait yeah its my feet. darn. I'm sure i had something to say today that was worthwhile but instead I shall tell you that Hitchhikers Guide to the galaxy film is much good but not the same as the book. Smallville latest ep is awesome but not what u little norty spoiler people were expecting, mwahahaha.

I think I'm buckerling under the pressure tbh, I've calculated via various alogrithmic atrosities, and bad spelling to boot, that my readers have doubled in numbers in past week, exceeding perhaps even 4, and covering two different counties. Its a good time for crap.

Game of the Day: Have a thumb war with a chilli flavoured vhs version of the series Duck Tales.

Not pony tales or cotton tales, no
DuckTales (a wooh ooooh)

Random Quote

"Damn just had the biggest banana ever, but was so big it snapped under its own weight, fell on the floor and got covered in fluff. not cool" - Adam Smith, the fool again


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