Oh for the love of Apache

Well at the moment blogger seems to have blown up and i can't get to the new post screen device so I'm typing this in notepad - the l337 version of word. Ahem.

Last night we decided the best thing to do was to share a crate of reef between 2 of us, this soon appeared to be a bad idea due to large amounts of sugar in them. ganky. Arena was good fun though, Stu was stupidly hammered on his 21st, but quite funny, we danced away the wee hours to a great set of songs. Last half hour was a bit bad though, foolish choices of songage.

On a cunning note, I went to pay power bill today and got confused and ended up in tk maxx and bought 4 t-shirts. They're quite spinky though and cheap so I'm moderatly happy though poorer than i was this morning.

We've just tried to do a tesco shop online but our magical 10 quid off voucher has failed so we emailed them complaining in loud voices.

oooh random point, strange thing happened when we got back after are, we boiled the kettle for some pot noodle 'a' making and a pile of glasses near by exploded?!?! scary stuff really.

I've discovered a serious problem with Mike's collection of meters and detectors, in that they all keep exploding and the such like, check these quotes:

"In an unrelated event my sarcasm detector has exploded." - Mike

"In an unrelated event my spankability meter has blown up." - still Mike.

Talkin of mike.... were you? cool. but anyway the first Formula TomDave Championship race has been held, with commentry and results on Mike's blog.

Some Cool Links:

Serenity Trailer - awesome film by Joss Whedon coming out at some point

This blog - w00t

Christina Aguilera - word

Random Quotes:

"u mean.. a t-shirt with a kung fu badger beating off a small trout?!" - Adam Smith

"Dude my jeans are too tight" - Tom Barker


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