Tracey BBQ

whoa I don't think I've been that shattered for quite a while, we played football and ultimate frisbee with a load of us and some of Tracey's friends. and apart from me leaving some skin around the field it was awesome. Very tiring though. and Thirsty work

So no much beer drinkin afterwards even tho we all took bus especially so no one had to drive. 1.50 for a bus is too much. Time for an oyster card I do believe (makes buses = 80p)

Good food at bbq as well, expertly supplied by me and ad. Good show ole chaps.

stupid ruddy

car washing pyrotechnics. They don't make buckets like they used to, darn tootin'


Animator Vs Animation

to the Motor Show young skalliwags

A small posse consisting of me, rex and simone perambulated, via rexxor's car, to the London Motor Show, where we saw...

Some nice cars:

something or other...

Ferrari F50!!! *drools*

Mclaren Mercades SLR *falls over*

Some bad cars:


my eyes..... meeelllttitnngg... nrnghgnschnitzel

Some that aren't even really cars:

Jeremy Clarkson's Amphibious Being

Richard Hammond's

I like to call this: A muppet on a bike. Luckily there isn't a photo of me proving the bike was too small that my eyes would be severed by the wind-visor if I lent down

and a few bits of plastic on wheels:




we also invented a highly efficient experiment for testing the practicality of certain cars for Rex's purchase: the Tom Test. If I could sit in the back of the car and not complain something rotten about my head going through the roof it was an acceptable car. Unfortunatly this would require rex to only buy pick up trucks and hummers. and only some of those....possibly a bike.

we also saw some waterskiing and wake boarding (where I finally connected the term "wake" boarding and the wake of a boat...dur). I was mostly impressed with Ford and Vauxhall. Ford because we got a free lollipop, free drink and they were offering massages and wet shaves. Plus their cars are damn damn good compared to some of the crap there. And Vauxhall cos they tried hard to be hip but getting a load of rollerskaters and bmx'ers and a ramp. Combining them with some thumpin' tunes and gettin' "on down".

and so the saga continues....

Once more we trekked across land and sea to arrive at the Harvest Moon. A retreat from the harsh world, where sea stories and sexually transmitted diseases/infections can be shared between friends and enemys alike, in safety. Plus Koppabergs taste pretty nice, if they are somewhat pink. Only me, rex, ad and simone, our group is crumbling at the seams!

some films I've seen recently:

Princess Bride: Surprisingly awesome oldish film, but witty, dry humour but fun and kiddy ish as well. Watch it.

Domino: Pretty good, Kiera gets topless which is a bonus, tis good film to pass the time, and quite interesting. Cameras hurt my head a bit.

Lucky Number Slevin: totally uber and Josh Harnett not in just a towel for that long either as I was led to believe. Bruce Willis pretty cool again, but whole film is v.slick. Lucy Lui damn good in it as well. WATCH IT MOTHERs.

Good Will Hunting: Yeah I'm a bit behind the times. but damn good film, really enjoyed it. funny, quite interesting and Minnie Driver was surprisingly hot in it.

...okay so I've just read back over this post and it appears I can't write in a very coherent or mature fashion. Possibly slightly annoying use of words like "uber" and useless adjectives like "pretty good". I also sound like the people I tend to ignore on msn. Damn.

one my suspect

something shocking - such as I've been to the gym every day so far this week and the results are cunning just thinking about it. £66 for 6 weeks membership with access to gym, sauna, spa and swimming pool sounds moderatly good. Until u realise that entrance to just the gym is 6 quid!!!, barginous Julie.


where the skateboards go!?!?

Uber funnie ole skool style show, check it

ah, I run out....tho check out An Evening with Kevin Smith, v.funny.. if u like kevin smith.

A good weekend

Much awesome weekend, lets break it down for my fellow boys of home:

Friday: I trip of Harvy, good times.

Saturday: Went to bromley, had a good time, in spoons then walkabout, interesting ponderments:

  • Ordered a simple steak and chips, but they had run outta steak so we got mixed grill for no extra cost!
  • Introduced the Orpington massive to rock, paper, scissors drinking game. Dangerous once more
  • Went into a club, only to realise no one had followed, it appeared ad wasn't allowed in cos of trainers, so I went "mmm K" went to go back in and was refused cos of my shoes. Apparently I then resorted to shouting at the bouncer to point out the fact I had just been let in.
  • At train station met 2 dutch guys who were like "hey guy, how we be hackin up bromley" to which we replied "too late fool, go to london" and they said "h'okay, so, u come with us for fun times?" or something similar. To which Adam wouldn't let us go, and claimed they were lookin at our groins the entire time. he lies.
  • To add insult to injury he forced me onto a bus. Prolly for the best all round tho
Sunday: Rachel's BBQ but not before a good game of football, except I was there for 40 min on my own and only 4 people turned up and the sun was hot hot. then went to rachel's bbq where rachel's dad proceeded to feed me 25kg of chicken, which was mega yummy, but prolly not too healthy for me. Luckily we went swimming in the pool and created a whirlpool of gigantic proportions. Then we watched Princess Bride which was surprisingly good.

what tarts?!

me! the 4th duke of habbadashary, about to play football, at 1.30 in the afternoon?, with my alcohol blood level?

what were they thinking....

I assume mainly that we should kick a ball around before arriving at the bbq of Raffle's. To the poach eggs young man! (yes I still need to do updates, feck orf)

7 ways to make your blog crap

1. Forget to update
2. Attempt to update about a month later
3. Be in possession of a brain of zero memory retention
4. Use a word such as retention
5. Being too lazy to finish updating
6. Putting it off till tomorrow
7. Putting on a t-shirt the same colour as your shorts


Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Graduation Ball

A Funtastic grad ball even though it was 70 quid and the chicken wasn't quite done, however we did get:

  • 3 Course meal with 4 bottles of wine (no more than that dave...) - damn lucky we got in first sitting as well, as second sitting had to wait forever to get in to the food delivery tent
  • 3 choices of rides, Dodgems (argh my knee), Spinny thing (If we had learnt to read at our 3 years at uni we would have realised that I was sitting in the wrong seat and hence Pete's screams of pain were unneccessary...especially as even with Zoe I was crushed!) and a thing that went like up and down, but around... who knows
  • Free Bar!!! with Carlsberg, Tetleys, white and red wine. Which is a bit of an odd concoction, no cider was odd for dem fools who like it, plus the wine hurt me.
  • Lots of toilets!
  • coach both ways
  • I saw Jake from hollyoaks, but the fake exeter version that no one believes looks like Jake, but is. Damn you becca.
  • Hogroast at midnight, which was uber, megga pork sandwich type burger thing, possibly some drink I can't remember and unlimited pork crackling that I think me and nick ate most of. I think I threw up in the morning and it was all water apart from 1 intact pork rind. Uber.
  • Dance floor as well, with a great band that did covers. good times
Photo Attack:

Doper than a rope in a moat with a coat under a boat....

...How very daper, apart from me lookin a bit of dick...

...couldn't have asked for a better day, thats our chancellor in the car in front...

...these are very poor captions, unfortunatly starters tend not to communicate efficiently so I can't make up some witty banter between me and my foodstuff...

..there may have only been 3 rides but they were damn good rides...

...smiles from the newly engaged couple... engaged?! whoop yes...

...aha my handy beer holding device, where would I be without it...probably still at the bar...

...I suspect Zoe wasn't particularly impressed at me attempting not to be drunk....(I don't remember taking this photo....

Insane Fast Update

Lou Lous birthday. Went to Curry house and then to spoons. No alcohol. BAD.

yo yo what

In conclusion Graduation was pretty good (you can watch them here) and I had a short chat with the chancellor, who is really nice and really roused pride for our uni. Nice one Fluella.

After taking my parents back to their place went back for the big Comp Sci photo. Which appeared to be a lie. It was in face a rather small collection of Comp Sci people who could be assed to go back and get it taken. Who knows if we will ever get to see the photo though.

In the eve we went down and chilled by the campus lake, which turned out to be the big lesbian hang out of the uni. Not that the lesbians were large in size, just there were a big number of them. indeed. We had a bbq there and drank a few bevvies and then realised we'd destroyed the grass but we'll ignore that. Apart from not ignoring it just then.

The eve was rounded up with some nice killing of Stu with a nerf ball, uber fun for everyone involved. well nearly everyone.

Its Official!

Apparently I Graduated:

"Look over there young Michael" I harped "would you believe it?"....

"for it is a sign from the heavens" I activated. "Nonsense Guv'nar" claimed Mike "it's a piece of wood from dat there fence"....

sterness was the new fashion down campus way...

the Famous Exeter fog made spotting ships a mighty task from upon a stone made from the sweat and blood of many a graduate...

..." and the crowds did applaud and shower him with flowers, and praise and kisses and those little cup cakes with purple icing that everyone leaves at primary school 'Sunday Fundays' as they look a bit icky for one to stomach"

Quick Update 9th-11th

Sunday:Drove home early, BBQ was good at Simone's. Saw final of la world cup damn france for not winning, but zidane is my hero, bonus points for the greatest head butt ever.

Monday: Drove back to Exeter, c**t drove into me while I was in the service station, but ah well. Went to imp, got beer and burger and the such like. Good times. End of times soon :(

Tuesday: 468 to fix car... damn. But they can't fix it till like 24th, bastards, so gotta take it to la home.

Quick Update 6th-8th

Thursday: I not sure I existed today, prolly best if we don't dwell on the pondersome suspicion that many a dimension hides within the creases of my boxers.

Friday: Drove back with parents to the Ex - they have a pretty dope cottage type device. Watched Pirates of the Caribbean with the homies, v.good film, bonus points all round.

Saturday: Looking for phones cos my k750i is major broke. I got annoyed and thanks to my 24 addiction I bought a panasonic vs6. Looks pretty good, check it out.

Change is afoot :(

Amanda Congdon forced out of RocketBoom, don't beleive the hype.

I love change as much as the next petrified graduate, but amanda IS rocketboom, damn them all.

In related stories: Exeter University Graduate Tom Barker, 21, addicted to 24. and drove home.

stupid orange wednesday people

can't send a damn text message in time. So to rileys ->

And to the drinking

Once more we were enthralled by the offer of half price drinks at the hog shed and were forced to drink copious amounts of alcohol. It again ended in hooliganism in arena, with the dancing and the etc. Check out le photos for a more coherent experience:

well that was an interesting weekend

indeed it was. Took train home from la Ex and went to bromley which turned out to be pretty crap as spoons is now some sort of "hip dance" spoons so is uber packed, which means u can't get to the bar. grrr. So finally we went to walkabout but had barely any time. pants.

Saturday we went down the harvy to watch england.



so to make matters worse drove home on the sunday and huge traffic jam cos of 4 car pile up on a303 and we didn't move for like an hour. In that time I left the fans on full blast cos it was hotter than hot, which meant I couldn't start the stupid engine and rac had to come rescue me. Crud.

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