yo yo what

In conclusion Graduation was pretty good (you can watch them here) and I had a short chat with the chancellor, who is really nice and really roused pride for our uni. Nice one Fluella.

After taking my parents back to their place went back for the big Comp Sci photo. Which appeared to be a lie. It was in face a rather small collection of Comp Sci people who could be assed to go back and get it taken. Who knows if we will ever get to see the photo though.

In the eve we went down and chilled by the campus lake, which turned out to be the big lesbian hang out of the uni. Not that the lesbians were large in size, just there were a big number of them. indeed. We had a bbq there and drank a few bevvies and then realised we'd destroyed the grass but we'll ignore that. Apart from not ignoring it just then.

The eve was rounded up with some nice killing of Stu with a nerf ball, uber fun for everyone involved. well nearly everyone.


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