to the Motor Show young skalliwags

A small posse consisting of me, rex and simone perambulated, via rexxor's car, to the London Motor Show, where we saw...

Some nice cars:

something or other...

Ferrari F50!!! *drools*

Mclaren Mercades SLR *falls over*

Some bad cars:


my eyes..... meeelllttitnngg... nrnghgnschnitzel

Some that aren't even really cars:

Jeremy Clarkson's Amphibious Being

Richard Hammond's

I like to call this: A muppet on a bike. Luckily there isn't a photo of me proving the bike was too small that my eyes would be severed by the wind-visor if I lent down

and a few bits of plastic on wheels:




we also invented a highly efficient experiment for testing the practicality of certain cars for Rex's purchase: the Tom Test. If I could sit in the back of the car and not complain something rotten about my head going through the roof it was an acceptable car. Unfortunatly this would require rex to only buy pick up trucks and hummers. and only some of those....possibly a bike.

we also saw some waterskiing and wake boarding (where I finally connected the term "wake" boarding and the wake of a boat...dur). I was mostly impressed with Ford and Vauxhall. Ford because we got a free lollipop, free drink and they were offering massages and wet shaves. Plus their cars are damn damn good compared to some of the crap there. And Vauxhall cos they tried hard to be hip but getting a load of rollerskaters and bmx'ers and a ramp. Combining them with some thumpin' tunes and gettin' "on down".


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