some films I've seen recently:

Princess Bride: Surprisingly awesome oldish film, but witty, dry humour but fun and kiddy ish as well. Watch it.

Domino: Pretty good, Kiera gets topless which is a bonus, tis good film to pass the time, and quite interesting. Cameras hurt my head a bit.

Lucky Number Slevin: totally uber and Josh Harnett not in just a towel for that long either as I was led to believe. Bruce Willis pretty cool again, but whole film is v.slick. Lucy Lui damn good in it as well. WATCH IT MOTHERs.

Good Will Hunting: Yeah I'm a bit behind the times. but damn good film, really enjoyed it. funny, quite interesting and Minnie Driver was surprisingly hot in it.

...okay so I've just read back over this post and it appears I can't write in a very coherent or mature fashion. Possibly slightly annoying use of words like "uber" and useless adjectives like "pretty good". I also sound like the people I tend to ignore on msn. Damn.


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