A good weekend

Much awesome weekend, lets break it down for my fellow boys of home:

Friday: I trip of Harvy, good times.

Saturday: Went to bromley, had a good time, in spoons then walkabout, interesting ponderments:

  • Ordered a simple steak and chips, but they had run outta steak so we got mixed grill for no extra cost!
  • Introduced the Orpington massive to rock, paper, scissors drinking game. Dangerous once more
  • Went into a club, only to realise no one had followed, it appeared ad wasn't allowed in cos of trainers, so I went "mmm K" went to go back in and was refused cos of my shoes. Apparently I then resorted to shouting at the bouncer to point out the fact I had just been let in.
  • At train station met 2 dutch guys who were like "hey guy, how we be hackin up bromley" to which we replied "too late fool, go to london" and they said "h'okay, so, u come with us for fun times?" or something similar. To which Adam wouldn't let us go, and claimed they were lookin at our groins the entire time. he lies.
  • To add insult to injury he forced me onto a bus. Prolly for the best all round tho
Sunday: Rachel's BBQ but not before a good game of football, except I was there for 40 min on my own and only 4 people turned up and the sun was hot hot. then went to rachel's bbq where rachel's dad proceeded to feed me 25kg of chicken, which was mega yummy, but prolly not too healthy for me. Luckily we went swimming in the pool and created a whirlpool of gigantic proportions. Then we watched Princess Bride which was surprisingly good.


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