Random Thought:

Need to listen to these bands more:
Sister Hazel
The Black Keys
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
Kings of Leon

Monster Magnet
Story of the Year
Stone Temple Pilots

and so

I've once again done nothing with my day, I managed to bore myself to near tears in my first two lectures of the semester. Then me and nick went to town and didn't buy anything, all a bit of an error, and then we spent the rest of the day watching tele and washing up. Good fun.

Random Quote:

"Little adam o keith, sets off on his quest,
to reach the lab of java, and learning no less,
with cycling vagabonds requesting small cash,
he looks on and smiles as he makes a quick dash.
A lady of old, hands him a leaflet of gloom,
that tells him of, the worlds impending doom.
With the itch on his bum, he threatens to scratch
he manages to fend off, the loathsome wretch,
Passing the twin beasts, so filled with hate
as he makes his way to those university gates
trying to think of a word rhyming with fate
he realises...oh no! i'm gonna be late!" - Adam Smith, while very bored.
Random Thought:
We have different sized spoons, but all our forks are the same size!

What not to do with a microwave

1. Find out tea towels are wet
2. Listen to nick who reckons a tv program told him that putting them in the microwave sterilises them.
3. Put towels in microwave on high for about 8 minutes
4. Smell burning.
5. Open microwave, and remove tea towels which are now black and glowing
6. Let nick blow on them
7. go "argh dammit they're on fire" and throw them in the sink
8. Realise the towels now have numerous holes in them

Quote ala me

Random Quote (from when I was actually totally hammered):

Me: "damn, attempted to get drunk again 2nite.... it didn't work, out of all the alcohol i hadn;t built up a tolerence against, finally i have defied wine, dammit tbh, error, ah well, I better sleep wigga, I be tripping 2moz no doubt"
Dave: "
seems u are not sober tho"


This is what happens if your drunk and you have a cheesie poof fight. Godammit this hole place smells of cheesy poofs, and thats a bad thing, I think I've mainly recovered from last nite, tbh I couldn't even answer what date it was.. the foolish ness has reached new levels. And yes ness is a word.

Random Quote:
"Dude if i jhad a penny for every time you dissed drinking, I would be sendin this text via my own satellite!.. on that note, im going jogging." - Adam Smith (in reply to me whinin about alcohol)

Oh god the complete mess is worrying, if anyone can see the tv working device can you mail me? thanks


I've just discovered titles... wow!

and also broke the box over there ->

It's 5.41 am, I'm awake and can't get back to sleep. we had a cheese ball fight last night and there's an infinite amount of crumbs in my bed. I had designed a crumb cleaning device, but along the way my brain restarted and I forgot the beginning to fit with the start. I also wish I had bigger titles. Why am i? Posted by Hello

The Day In Pictures

With ample confusion, nick managed to decide that there must be something cheaper, and better for us than vitamin pills

Unfortunatly our conclusion was buying much more wine for 1.96 per bottle. I sometimes wish my head didn't hurt so much.

As you can well see, mike predicted a messy end to the situation....

Luckily nick was blissfully unaware of.. well the world in general really, alcohol = a blinding mechanism... yay for alcohol really

And this is where it all started to go wrong, we went to quiz drunk, got split into two teams because apparently we're too good, which is highly annoying cos it kinda revealed that I have no interlect... intuleuct... damn ... at all.

Especially when I went up for head jam and I didn't even know the current date. I may not drink for a long time, as my brain hurts and I seem to have a lack of being able to sleep...

Quote of the Day:
"The ability of dandelions to tell the time is somewhat exaggerated, owing to the fact that there is always one seed that refuses to be blown off; the time usually turns out to be 37 o'clock" - Miles Kington
Random Thought
I have cheesy puffs all over my bedroom. And my bed smells of them. They are not nice.

Oki so following the general theme, anyone who comes here, leave a random thought! It can be anything you want, an idea, a dream, a song, your view, a belief or even a type of camel apparatus.... Posted by Hello

damn arsecakes its late and i only just woke up again Posted by Hello

The Day In Pictures:

I put on new jeans for most of the day, this is the result from my perspective!

We went to riley's! yay for us, mike was a bit tipsy and alex came along quite hammered, all good fun

So after rileys, we left rileys (see above)

Then I made the high street look pretty with some cool effects... I smell of smoke now

and so a day more pointless than anything finished, and I watched black books and stroked my pet tortoise vigourously.

Quote Of The Day:
"You should make a point of trying every experience once, except incest and folk dancing"
Random Thought:
Bruce Campbell is a legend and from now on must be respected as a king/prophet/messiah/cheese lawyer. Hence from now until the ends of time you shall refer to all things which are great as Campbellesque.

Don't hurt me

I like eating, it seems to serve a purpose higher than say, a tall person employed as a person who walks under small bridges. I have a suspicion that we're going to rileys tonight, I have this incling cos I organised it, funtastibble. I trying to increase my water intake to make sure my knees don't drop off. Hi mom! Posted by Hello

I got bored so went to find stuff to take pictures of, I didn't find much... however! I found my tamigotchi 1 quid rip of is shockingly dead, as this photo attests. Poor turtle/bat mutant, ah well, life goes on, or not as the case may be... I cry inside Posted by Hello

apparently dave didn't move the samurai sword.... so the plot thickens

Nargh I bored, there's no one around, and I just pooterling around eating,getting fatter and watching tv/computer.... save my soul archibald Posted by Hello

Oki so this was an error, I didn't get to bed until past about 4am cos I got addicted to scrubs again, 4th series still as wikked as ever, even had matt perry in for 1 ep and heather graham was in it for 4 or 5, she is much hotter than any replacement hip surgery.

However, I managed to drink about 6 pints of water before I went to sleep and still woke up stupidly thirsty... so this morning I watched so more scrubs :P right must put on some clothes.... oh and nick made himself throw up last nite and twas quite funny... I also think someones been in my room cos my fosters hat and samurai sword have move...

...oh wait yeah was dave getting cd, damn his samurai whelding eyes. Louis's gone home for the weekend now, so time to trash the house, mwahahahahhahahahaha

The Day In Pictures:

The conclusion to our playing with alex's playdoh, check out the french fries she has for hair.. awesome

This is my puppy I made with the coolest dred locks ever,

A snail! with similar jamacan properties

Our sexual woman from a different angle again

So after getting even more drunk at spoons, me and nick went to rileys to see sarah and zoe, who were there with matt and vicky. Played a few games, spent some more on game machines, probably acted way too drunk and made fools of ourselves. So to save the situation I let abdula kebab me up, and he gave us a pack of free chips, probably as we weren't wearing skirts this time :P shizer, ah well, time to watch lots of scrubs! (yes the time isn't what this post says, but shhh)

lol so now getting absolutly hammered, things work with the watchiamacall it and its all good. Black books damn funny so me and nick vowed to be like them hmm wine seems to penerate my alcohol tolerance barriers of doom, so we thought the best course of action is to spoons! Posted by Hello

h'okay so, 1 huge breakfast consisting of 3 bacons, 4 sausages, 3 hash browns, 2 eggs, beans and a slice of toast later, we went to town, and accidently got excited and bought 3 bottles of £1.96 wine, I seemed to get drunk in tesco just by being near it, so it must be good stuff surely?

we've now also got some cables for la old laptop so we can watch my films et stuff on tv but networks being really sucppery, think I broked it all. hmm Better go fix it Posted by Hello

once more I start with argh, this time cos all that football conspacuated my back, not a fun time, aching quite a lot. I think it be time to make some breakfast of kings... Posted by Hello

yes oki its true, I keep having to fake the times of posts so they fall into the right day, damn you all !!!!

oh and i changed what me blog looks like... yeah it looks crappy, I nicht so care

Day In Pictures

Okay so this has been a less than productive day.

I'm still bit worn out from footie, we did buy about 65 quids worth of food, which is quite impressive, and then we ate some cunningly cheap reduced take aways from good ole tesco.

Then just laid around watching static on the ole tele, and finally watching more scrubs on me computer. I have managed to clean my room so yay to me ... well alright I didn't clean it just tidied it, but still yay me.

Apparently tomorrow I gotta go to the gym, according to my concuciouns... concious... concionous... or sommit concubines?

Quote of the Day
"Either this man is dead, or my watch has stopped" - Groucho Marx
Random Thought:
If mineral water has been in volcanos, mountains, springs and dog poo for millions of years and is magical... why does bottled water have a best before date?

hmm so after 2.5 hours of football and no non-alcoholic liquid since yesterday morning, I'm not fantastic... to tesco! Posted by Hello

ARgh just woke up, gotta be at football in like 15 min, run I say young man run! Posted by Hello

so back from the wonderful pub...drank about 5 pints, then they ran outta stuff, which sucked cos it was like 3.30pm at this point!!! but still we got about 7 hats and 3 beer hand devices, much useful. So we decided to go to walkabout cunningly, however they had no drinks offers at all, and we just looked really cool, so had a fewmore pints and ate some food then ran home. Now ze fools are at the cinema but that costs money and argh etc.

Song of the Day:
Five for Fighting - Superman
Quote of the Day
" You seem to dress up as girls far more than is considered healthy geez" - Adam Smith - Too True
Random Thought:

I apologise for my remarks earlier, to anyone who often "wearibgs sjurts" no offence was meant by this flippant comment. Woke up today, and was not that bad tbh, should of had a hang over for the amount of alcohol I did in fact drink ... 20 quid in a place that sells pints of cocktails for 1.50? ah well. Damn you justin for makin me do shots of vodka aswell, its all okay in the end, alex got stupidly hammered, nearly left, threw up, and was fine again, though still drunk. This morning we're doing nothing but watching some more classic car boot sale/auction/room changing tv shows. We'll soon go to the place I'd like to call spoons, and drink away australia day, I've made up a song for australia day, it goes: Australia Day, Australia Day... Get down on it doo doo dooo, Get cheese on it doo doo dooo, Get down on it doo doo dooo, Get cheese on it doo doo dooo." i think I may have to shorten it down before release though, as the radio stations tend to prefer short and snappy songs. anyway ... Posted by Hello

Basically today i'm wearibg a sjurt abd i;m drunk Posted by Hello

The Day in Pictures
Alex's Birthday of magic and power:

and so alex's birthday begins with an armless sexual woman cake and some very cheap presents

and obviously continuing with pete looking suspiciously dangerous

All ze girlies dressed up lookin pretty for skool girl nite :P

and on to voltz, pints of sex on the beach for 1.50!! shocking.....lack of alcohol no doubt

Not the prettyist couple ever, but they're beautiful on the inside?

Dave seemed to be swapping partners quicker than a rocket with a rocket attached to it

Glad to see at least one person is paying attention to the camera

Wahey, nearly everyone and a free hand in on the bargin :P

Rob, Squidge et Sarah, those norty rascals

"Look" chuckled Pete jovily, "my totally hammered person finder figure is still working!", and it was.

"nsughr" replied Alex with an air of tranquility.

With a slyness unknown, Alex had decided the best place to sleep was in a night club surrounded by a bunch of drunks

...and was shocked to find it did not work..

"how ponderous" mused Alex

Happily tipsy, Zoe and Sarah were not worried in the least about various sleeping habits among the boys

Unknown to the both of them, small white furry killer bunny tails were sneaking up on them from behind!!

Alcohol + Club + Dancing = Bad Camera angles...

The dancing however continued regardless

Justin looked worried as his cover of being a "smoker" might soon be blown

The new trend of shutting your eyes while dancing soon became a dangerous past time

So new dance techniques were brainstormed and proved a roaring success...

..thanks to our old friend Vodka alcopops

Ever wondered what its like to be a handbag?... I havn't

In conclusion poles are always a good addition to any gathering

The more the merrier in fact

and apparently nick and dave agreed whole-heartidly

which resulted in Rob teaching everyone the finer points of pole dancing

Which soon began pete's explanation of the "Five Fingered Spiral of the Swan", and variations to be done on varying lengths of poles

Luckily this didn't deter or indeed sober anyone up, with katie attempting a semi cart-wheel...

"Aha" exclaimed Rob

"I have an idea"....

Various parties then decided that although fun at the time, following Rob's ideas often led to Tom lookin more foolish than normal

and so it was nessessarryyyryarssryr, for the girls to quickly remove the previous event from anyones memory

With some highly cunning dancing, and so the night was over, and me and nick got a popadom each and explained to various people that the kebab shop was shit compared to the star of india, and everywhere we were worshipped for spreading the knowledge of kings... or something Posted by Hello

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