I apologise for my remarks earlier, to anyone who often "wearibgs sjurts" no offence was meant by this flippant comment. Woke up today, and was not that bad tbh, should of had a hang over for the amount of alcohol I did in fact drink ... 20 quid in a place that sells pints of cocktails for 1.50? ah well. Damn you justin for makin me do shots of vodka aswell, its all okay in the end, alex got stupidly hammered, nearly left, threw up, and was fine again, though still drunk. This morning we're doing nothing but watching some more classic car boot sale/auction/room changing tv shows. We'll soon go to the place I'd like to call spoons, and drink away australia day, I've made up a song for australia day, it goes: Australia Day, Australia Day... Get down on it doo doo dooo, Get cheese on it doo doo dooo, Get down on it doo doo dooo, Get cheese on it doo doo dooo." i think I may have to shorten it down before release though, as the radio stations tend to prefer short and snappy songs. anyway ... Posted by Hello


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