The Day In Pictures

With ample confusion, nick managed to decide that there must be something cheaper, and better for us than vitamin pills

Unfortunatly our conclusion was buying much more wine for 1.96 per bottle. I sometimes wish my head didn't hurt so much.

As you can well see, mike predicted a messy end to the situation....

Luckily nick was blissfully unaware of.. well the world in general really, alcohol = a blinding mechanism... yay for alcohol really

And this is where it all started to go wrong, we went to quiz drunk, got split into two teams because apparently we're too good, which is highly annoying cos it kinda revealed that I have no interlect... intuleuct... damn ... at all.

Especially when I went up for head jam and I didn't even know the current date. I may not drink for a long time, as my brain hurts and I seem to have a lack of being able to sleep...

Quote of the Day:
"The ability of dandelions to tell the time is somewhat exaggerated, owing to the fact that there is always one seed that refuses to be blown off; the time usually turns out to be 37 o'clock" - Miles Kington
Random Thought
I have cheesy puffs all over my bedroom. And my bed smells of them. They are not nice.


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