What not to do with a microwave

1. Find out tea towels are wet
2. Listen to nick who reckons a tv program told him that putting them in the microwave sterilises them.
3. Put towels in microwave on high for about 8 minutes
4. Smell burning.
5. Open microwave, and remove tea towels which are now black and glowing
6. Let nick blow on them
7. go "argh dammit they're on fire" and throw them in the sink
8. Realise the towels now have numerous holes in them


Michael 8:25 pm  

Hectic. How would it sterelise them?

Tommeh 8:36 pm  

cos it super heats everything don't it, killin all the not germs, I downstairs at mo so if ur msning me then i can't hear you

Anonymous 10:14 pm  

that's just priceless....thanks...for the tip :)

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