The Day In Pictures:

I put on new jeans for most of the day, this is the result from my perspective!

We went to riley's! yay for us, mike was a bit tipsy and alex came along quite hammered, all good fun

So after rileys, we left rileys (see above)

Then I made the high street look pretty with some cool effects... I smell of smoke now

and so a day more pointless than anything finished, and I watched black books and stroked my pet tortoise vigourously.

Quote Of The Day:
"You should make a point of trying every experience once, except incest and folk dancing"
Random Thought:
Bruce Campbell is a legend and from now on must be respected as a king/prophet/messiah/cheese lawyer. Hence from now until the ends of time you shall refer to all things which are great as Campbellesque.

Don't hurt me


Michael 1:50 am  

You using the back of my head which is copyrighted...

David Hulbert 1:53 am  

He lies! We did not leave Rileys after Rileys. Unfotunately I do not have security clearance to tell you what really happened. I can't even mention the Dirtnipper, Pantugger of Cheesefly.

David Hulbert 2:06 am  

Copyright my bum!

Tommeh 2:14 am  

Since 1956 I have battled with various parties as to who in fact owns the rights to various back facing parts of Mike's anatomy. Unfortunatly all of these parties have been held in a guy called steve's basement, hence building tree house proved difficult and no further consultation is allowed. Hence copyright is free on things that I want, etc yada yada [insert abstract random humourous object with cunning descriptive word]

David Hulbert 2:56 am  

insert abstract random humourous object with cunning descriptive word: SNORKEL

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