Oki so this was an error, I didn't get to bed until past about 4am cos I got addicted to scrubs again, 4th series still as wikked as ever, even had matt perry in for 1 ep and heather graham was in it for 4 or 5, she is much hotter than any replacement hip surgery.

However, I managed to drink about 6 pints of water before I went to sleep and still woke up stupidly thirsty... so this morning I watched so more scrubs :P right must put on some clothes.... oh and nick made himself throw up last nite and twas quite funny... I also think someones been in my room cos my fosters hat and samurai sword have move...

...oh wait yeah was dave getting cd, damn his samurai whelding eyes. Louis's gone home for the weekend now, so time to trash the house, mwahahahahhahahahaha


David Hulbert 3:38 pm  

I am not a mover of anything, let alone the "items"...

Tommeh 4:41 pm  

Thats what they "all" say

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