The Day in Pictures
Alex's Birthday of magic and power:

and so alex's birthday begins with an armless sexual woman cake and some very cheap presents

and obviously continuing with pete looking suspiciously dangerous

All ze girlies dressed up lookin pretty for skool girl nite :P

and on to voltz, pints of sex on the beach for 1.50!! shocking.....lack of alcohol no doubt

Not the prettyist couple ever, but they're beautiful on the inside?

Dave seemed to be swapping partners quicker than a rocket with a rocket attached to it

Glad to see at least one person is paying attention to the camera

Wahey, nearly everyone and a free hand in on the bargin :P

Rob, Squidge et Sarah, those norty rascals

"Look" chuckled Pete jovily, "my totally hammered person finder figure is still working!", and it was.

"nsughr" replied Alex with an air of tranquility.

With a slyness unknown, Alex had decided the best place to sleep was in a night club surrounded by a bunch of drunks

...and was shocked to find it did not work..

"how ponderous" mused Alex

Happily tipsy, Zoe and Sarah were not worried in the least about various sleeping habits among the boys

Unknown to the both of them, small white furry killer bunny tails were sneaking up on them from behind!!

Alcohol + Club + Dancing = Bad Camera angles...

The dancing however continued regardless

Justin looked worried as his cover of being a "smoker" might soon be blown

The new trend of shutting your eyes while dancing soon became a dangerous past time

So new dance techniques were brainstormed and proved a roaring success...

..thanks to our old friend Vodka alcopops

Ever wondered what its like to be a handbag?... I havn't

In conclusion poles are always a good addition to any gathering

The more the merrier in fact

and apparently nick and dave agreed whole-heartidly

which resulted in Rob teaching everyone the finer points of pole dancing

Which soon began pete's explanation of the "Five Fingered Spiral of the Swan", and variations to be done on varying lengths of poles

Luckily this didn't deter or indeed sober anyone up, with katie attempting a semi cart-wheel...

"Aha" exclaimed Rob

"I have an idea"....

Various parties then decided that although fun at the time, following Rob's ideas often led to Tom lookin more foolish than normal

and so it was nessessarryyyryarssryr, for the girls to quickly remove the previous event from anyones memory

With some highly cunning dancing, and so the night was over, and me and nick got a popadom each and explained to various people that the kebab shop was shit compared to the star of india, and everywhere we were worshipped for spreading the knowledge of kings... or something Posted by Hello


Michael 3:02 pm  

Praise to the Star. Let it be ruled as the greatest Indian of them all...

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