Day In Pictures

Okay so this has been a less than productive day.

I'm still bit worn out from footie, we did buy about 65 quids worth of food, which is quite impressive, and then we ate some cunningly cheap reduced take aways from good ole tesco.

Then just laid around watching static on the ole tele, and finally watching more scrubs on me computer. I have managed to clean my room so yay to me ... well alright I didn't clean it just tidied it, but still yay me.

Apparently tomorrow I gotta go to the gym, according to my concuciouns... concious... concionous... or sommit concubines?

Quote of the Day
"Either this man is dead, or my watch has stopped" - Groucho Marx
Random Thought:
If mineral water has been in volcanos, mountains, springs and dog poo for millions of years and is magical... why does bottled water have a best before date?


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