and so

I've once again done nothing with my day, I managed to bore myself to near tears in my first two lectures of the semester. Then me and nick went to town and didn't buy anything, all a bit of an error, and then we spent the rest of the day watching tele and washing up. Good fun.

Random Quote:

"Little adam o keith, sets off on his quest,
to reach the lab of java, and learning no less,
with cycling vagabonds requesting small cash,
he looks on and smiles as he makes a quick dash.
A lady of old, hands him a leaflet of gloom,
that tells him of, the worlds impending doom.
With the itch on his bum, he threatens to scratch
he manages to fend off, the loathsome wretch,
Passing the twin beasts, so filled with hate
as he makes his way to those university gates
trying to think of a word rhyming with fate
he realises...oh no! i'm gonna be late!" - Adam Smith, while very bored.
Random Thought:
We have different sized spoons, but all our forks are the same size!


Michael 10:39 pm  

Have you ever thought if the spoons are wondering why there are so many different sizes of humans? Well don't- thats stupid talk.

Tommeh 11:14 pm  

rofl, nice one

Anonymous 2:57 pm  

i think mike is sexy..and clever about spoons

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