Greatest Hex Hack Ever

Finally, all of us who have multi-monitors can run flash videos in full screen on one monitor and continue to do things on the other with this cunning hex hack(youtube video). I recommend using a hex editor such as FRHED.

I am mega happy with that. No updating for flash for me though. Boom.

Welcome to the industrial revolution

Well as all good addicts with short attention spans would do, I have deleted farmville from my facebook, for a number of reasons, but mainly because its "save" mechanism often seems to forget the saving part. So after spending far too long making my farm look pretty rather than practical, and on learning that I lost all of that already wasted time, so in theory it was wasted-time2 or something, I questioned why I was even playing it. Then I stopped. Now I'm happy. Apart from the recent plate punching incident, that was uncalled for, except for the racial slurs that the plate was ejaculating all over the kitchen.

I do hate having to clean the house, I'll be the first in line when they finally bring out those retro steam-punk robots from the 70's that have concertina arms, and feather dusters. Cone boobs as well, no doubt causing the initial uprising of our steam powered skynet overlords.

Snippets: I'm so used to spotify now, I failed to find the volume on itunes initially. SNIP. Walking home form work when it's dark is suprisingly exciting, a mix of christmas and the general electricity of the night. SNIP. Geocities which shut down today, was bought by yahoo in 1999 for $3.57 billion... SNIP. Apparently the moon is a series of tubes. SNIP. The Stratford Rex is still sometimes used as a gig venue, Lil Wayne in fact was bottled there in '08. SNIP.

Good ole Link Dump:


In a random twist of unrelated events, I had at some point managed to organise the cashing in of my HydroPod voucher I got from Chez Star for my birthday. By hydropod they confusingly actually mean zorbing. Young Trev was my accomplis in such a daring and randical manouvere, and after some subtle GPS movement we arrived successfully in Warlingham. I think.

After some swift forest trekking, we got to go within 5 minutes of arriving even though we were 35 minutes early. I was told, mistakenly by Rex, that the water inside was probably nice and warm, so on being told to just dive in to the pod (through the anus like hole), I found myself face first in freezing cold water. Much to my delight sensualisation dismay. No matter. Trev soon joined and ended up sitting in most of the water for a good minute, with classic and humourous reaction. Suddenly it was all go, and we began to swoop backwards and forwards, in slightly random directions, linked cunningly with our arms. As we picked up speed, and our laughter made the air viscious with delight, we managed to not only end up in reverse, but we also did a complete 360 over the roof of the pod, dis-linked, resulting in Trev inserting himself in my left kidney, and I was left carefully placed with my head under the 10 inches of cold water. Which lacked breathable oxygen. Then after some more limb based collisions, we landed smack bang in a big pool of water.

After gasping some air based nectar, I decided it was extremely awesome. On changing in the tent/Gazebo that only had 3 sides to it, I was so excited I 'accidently' dropped my fiji themed town for everyone to see my white pasty bottom, and for Trev to look on despair. Hopefully awe. Probably just despair.

To celebrate the fact that I survived one more extreme based activity with only minor organ damage, and irreputable nerve damage, we found a nice carvery with exquisite roast pototoes, gravy and strange shiny high heels scattered through out it. Trev also tossed his yorkshire pud viciously and with no repent on the floor. I laughed. He was sad and wouldn't eat it.

This evening I mainly moped about, shocked and the size of my belly, and the annoyance of pulling stomach muscles through the act of vomitting. Don't drink kids. Or alcohol. Also don't get a job. And remember to change your clocks back if you haven't already.

Accidental drinking

So we decided to go drinking with Dan before we jetted off to Morocco (who knows when I’ll put those updates on here!!), however, we moseyed around a few pubs and ended up in the Pitcher and Piano, where Jon, Pete, Ting and Issy turned up, Dan got some insane hiccups, and had to go home, and we drank our faces in the dirty dirty ground. Slight fail on our part. Especially for flight tomorrow. Ah well. Photos:


Well this is stupid

I'm so behind, such a waste of this blog that I nearly kept up-to-date against most odds and spates of emoness. I'm not sure how I never have the time, it's not like I achieve anything of worth, apart from tweet repeatedly dull excerpts of my life. I've got some notes for this blog, but they stretch back to January, which is a whole lifetime away. Slowly everything I do slips away from me and my memories without this dump. Possibly stems the tide of emo that builds up with the ponderment that is required to write the prose this poor abandoned page begs for. Soon I'll be jetting off to morocco, with my journal and a pen, writing down thoughts that I kid myself will make it up on here. I haven't even finished wanderingtectonics because I can't read the awful cave man scrawl I wrote when I was in Japan.

Perhaps if I woke at 7 each morning I could catch up my blog, then extrapolate my awakeness into some form of gym. Or hope. Or Love.

I blame the Dum Dums.

I caught me a whisper now dance in my hand…

CIMG1690 Monday night gig night!!!!! This week: Hundred Reasons.

Finished my story excellently at work, with skill and blatant lack of knowledge that someone will no doubt find out about in a few months. No one need to know for now. Anyway, Rex and I stormed into the local Bierodrome to sample their wares, mainly involve Chicken Ginger Chiller and Frites, for the price of the time, which was about £5.50, pretty awesome, and we had a slightly overpriced (face) palm beer. Which was the beer of the month or something, quite a ‘Distinctive’ flavour, but I agreed with it wholeheartedly.

Then we perambulated to Angel, which is perfection within a perfect city. CIMG1694 Man I love Angel, and we had a nice chilled drink in the Angelic Pub, which had toilets with ‘Character’. Venue was just across the street, unfortunately the support acts were a bit poop, but Hundred Reasons were very good, apart from the penultimate song. In conclusion we had 5 beers(TUBORG MOTHERHUBBARDS!) and ended up quite tired.

Gigging is fantastic.

Cory’s Weekend

CIMG1644Great weather this weekend, what with the hea venly blue skies, and caressing sun rays. Cory came down from lofty ole Bristol on Friday, and we met her somewhere, possible Victoria, or Waterloo, I rarely remember such facts, especially as I am writing this in the far distant future *waves hands in a fruitless fashion, what with the lack of vegetation*. Anyway, I suspect we migrated to Leicester Square, where we grabbed a drink or two in the Moon Under Water, which was pretty rammed, as always. CIMG1636Finished off the evening with a curry that Cory was gagging for, and we did well to avoid any for of discount curry place.  Though it was a bit odd, as we were the only clientele in there, apart from the two police officers that came in later. I like curry though, so all was okay.

Upon the Saturday Cory began her micro-sized Tefl course for when she runs away to China for a year or more if she gets addicted to the Kung Pow and Terracotta Warriors. Which is likely. And Xi’an has a nice Starbucks… as Starbucks CIMG1653go. Rather than sitting around screwing screws in a piece of chip board, rex and I decided we should go increase our  knowledge-verse, and frequent the Darwin Exhibition, to laugh in the face of Creationists. Unfortunately we couldn't get in, God dammit  so went across to the Science Musuem to peruse their exhibitions, there was a cool Wallace and Gromit exhibition, but it cost money and what with us having CIMG1669awesome hair, but stingy pockets, we went around the Dan Dare cold war type exhibition. Pretty dope. Then we were hungry, as one does get, and found a Moroccan restaurant near South Kensington tube station, and decided we should sample London’s Morocco before we go to actual Morocco. Turns out it is extremely yummy, especially when  it is on a cheap lunch deal involving harira soup and excellent fried fish. i think we wandered around the cool park by  the Royal Albert Hall.

CIMG1675In the evening I met up with Shing and BOOOOOOOOOOOON in the Roadhouse, for some awesome 50% off food, and very nice waitress and cheap cheap cocktails. Boon and I shared an awesome meat based platter style dish, and we made love, or I just ate everything, something like that. After some tipsy making cocktails, we met Cory in the Crooked Surgeon, where  we gently drank the night away before home time.

On Sunday I fear we just chilled, and then Cory departed after the last day of her Tefl course, which was a grand success. PHOTOS!

Photos?! Yes.


Brain Thoughts

  • I wish there were 2 lunch breaks at work. then I would rule the world with a steely fist and razor sharp pineapples
  • I sometimes think we should use dead rabbit instead of our build server
  • throughout the day my computer commits tiny suicides, each time reaching out, closer, to the peaceful tranquillity of silicon heaven
  • Rex smells, but not as much as the cardboard that has sat outside our overflow pipe for 7 months. It has mushrooms and worms. Yummy!
  • I'd overflow HER pipe
  • New Hobby: Swippang vewols
  • As I wait for the Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride to kick in, I made up the word tweetmo & have decided to live up to its ridiculous hyperbole
  • "replace all" is a dangerous option for any one, especially bunnies
  • When I flash my free coffee wallet today, guy was like "Whoa it's the FBI", how we laughed....
  • Actually I was like "Indeed, I have a few questions, firstly, why does your coffee taste of dead babies?"...
  • To be honest I actually initially looked confused, then half-heartedly laughed as I thought he'd misprounounced 'VPI'... damn you Zeus
  • Luckily for my health I did not get stabbed and I didn't become a target for molotov cocktails. I'm trying to keep my drinking down anyway.
  • If anyone is travelling by tube:
  • Simplest April Fools ever, sent by email to our office: "Krispy Creams in the Kitchen, Enjoy".
  • *Head desk* 'bad joke exception'.... jokes here hurt me

Now, you say you’re lonely…

CIMG1607 I heard from reliable sources that Rex, Shing and I went drinking today. Followed by Surfing on the tube. During which we broke one of the sexy coors light glasses that we pinched from Holborn Spoons. I do believe, if my memory serves me, that some other people may have been there, possibly Jon and Pete. We may have even started at the Bierodrome, or somewhere else of reputable reputation.



Brain Thoughts

  • Today has gone faster than robot jesus on a tricycle. In disappointing news, Ad has bought an iTouchMyselfEveryNight
  • Apparently trying to get to work earlier takes much longer, and the tube was so busy I ended up bumming a hot indian girl the whole way
  • I should probably tell someone that the tower dispenser in the toilets is actually a cunningly disguised cattle prod
  • I now have my Bupa forms. therefore i am, by default, immortal.
  • I think gmail has been weakened by the rain that is apparently lashing down on it, and is having trouble scrolling in a timely manner
  • For some reason, the fact our building is having power outages, is breaking our water supply, so we can't flush the toilets
  • Luckily, to spite me, Karma made me splash boiling hot free coffee in my face. Damn you Zeus
  • Rofl, our build server has spazzed out beyond all sensible belief. To the ground it shall burn!!!!
  • lollerskates - Mythbusters shatter windows of a village over a mile away:
  • just elbow dropped someone in the head on the tube. classic
  • Elbow hurts….
  • mike: "did u just upload a vid called tom and mike's vulva?"
  • crazy drunk on tube trying to communicate to a baby via the medium of song. baby appears more intelligent than him. possibly me as well.
  • my hair just tried to take route in my eyeball, u can't live off eye juice fool!
  • Not sure everyone in the office is as sexually active towards twitter as I am. It likes it fast and witty...

Just to live in a dream…

CIMG1566Woke up a little bit worse for wear and wandered onward to explore the lovely city centre, before bumping into Jacq in starbucks where I somehow scammed the smoking hot barrister there for my free coffee before 2pm. She was American I think. Met up with Stu and Kath in Zizzi after CIMG1592chilling in a park for a while, had a jolly nice pizza though was jealous of Kath’s fold over one (Calzone). Went to spoons and started drinking with Stu. Errors. Met up with the others in Oddfellas later one and had lots more drinks, people died, much humour existed, and there was a really hot girl there, unfortunately she had a boyfriend. Curses.



I think I mostly recovered enough to drive home today, but I also checked out Exeter’s beautiful cathedral green, and noted a local pub ripping off Costa’s logo on their chalk board..

CIMG1600 CIMG1598

If I were a painter…

After kinda drifting through the day, in the evening I drove to Exeter after work with Greg and Shing, not to bad trip to be honest, but just getting out of London was quite traumatic for everyone involved, I really need to sell my car I think. Dropped them off at Junella’s house and hit up the Thistle Hotel, very excellent yet somewhat too posh for me, though I got my room for 40 quid a night or something, and behind the desk they were going for £120. Definitely not worth that much by any stretch of the imagination. Ran and met stu in the Spoons(Impy) for last hour or so of drinking which was cool as it wasn’t busy and I swear the same bar staff are working there still. Afterwards we went back to the hotel, where it turns out I misread a sign and got my car clamped, so I had to pay for that to get unclamped, and then move it into a disabled space where it WAS legal to park in… somehow. Anyway, to drown my sorrows, we went to my hotel’s bar which turned out to have a 24 hour bar.


We drank till some stupid hour like 4am. Good show.

Scream: ‘why why, I can’t understand’

CIMG1563 Yesterday Rex and I met up with Danu after work in Belgo/Bierodrome for some nice Guinness, as I do believe it was St Patrick’s Day. Following which we went to the Thai restaurant just around the corner from Holborn station. Jolly yummy. Finished up in the Spoons, which had run out of Guinness much to my dismay.

CIMG1562Today however, we went to see Watchmen at the stratford Picturehouse. Before hand we attempted to have Pizza Express, but they didn’t get our food made in time, so we just had to go, they were nice enough to give us our beer for free though. I think we were meant to  go back after the film though, whoops. Watchmen was really good, though a bit too much blue wang if you ask me. And you probably will.

Snow Patrol

Just saw Snow Patrol, support acts were pretty rubbish, but they were extremely amazing. The applause after Run was sensational, never seen anything like it, and you could tell they were pretty emotionally hit in the face with it. Great atmosphere. Good production and lighting as well. Thoroughly recommend it. I suspect I might be listening to them non stop for a while.CIMG1559CIMG1557CIMG1533


Port Lympne’s Red Panda

I’d collapse before you do…

Went back to Orpington to see mommy, and show her photos of Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand, at some point I’ll get all the way through all my travel photos. To do that I might have to stop travelling and see mother more.

Today we went to Port Lympne animal park, and went on the awesome African Safari. Very good idea, I’m not really sure how better to describe it than to throw loads of photos at your retinas. CIMG1514CIMG1494 CIMG1476CIMG1468

Steampunks in your underwear.

CIMG1431 I swear the office is some form of New Zealand v Australia face off. It’s like west end story but with boomerangs.

Even greater than that awesome joke, is the fact I managed to get Brand New tickets, which in hindsight was amazing as they sold out in 15 minutes or less, as Joff didn’t managed to get any :( After work, in celebration, I met up with Shing, and we stormed into the Slug and Lettuce for CIMG1426 some food and drinkies, before finding a crazy pub called the Pillars of Hercules, where we had a nice crammed pint, and then mooched onto the Porterhouse to see Rex. The Porterhouse is fantastic, brew all their own beer, and looks amazing inside, all brass and slightly steampunk, though not really.

As normal we ended up in KFC on the way home, much to everyone’s rejoice.


It’s the only face I want to see….

Yesterday we went and saw We Will Rock You, which was awesome and huge and in my face. Turns out I do like a lot of Queen music, which was lucky really. The lead girl was exceptionally hot as well, so bonus points for her, right in her Union Jack panties….

Today I have mostly been failing to get Brand New tickets, it’s fine though kids, your 1st born children are safe from my Wrath, as it was only the pre-sale, they actually come out on Friday.

Lock ‘em up.

A Brand New Start

Really really hate work right now. It’s not a good time to be a Tom, and I think that Curry buffet broke every part of my insides that are required for normal existence on this plain of existence. Curse you Brick Lane. *shakes fist with vigor*

In other fantastic news that has kept me going so I don’t murder everyone, it turns out Brand New are playing London the 27th June. Man I need to get those tickets badly. More badly than Rex’s entrance music. In other news, I did some excellent hacking of ISA to move from shitty shitty Nationwide to much more satisfactory Natwest. Seriously, how is a loyalty Members ISA really offering 0.5% interest, and Natwest normal e-ISA is offering 3.5% with no stupid withdrawing limits?!

Vomit induction

Bit bored, so we went to Brick Lane, weather was appalling and we walked all the way down, then back up, and foolishly settled on a curry buffet. Which was totally terrible, and just wanted to go home and forget it all ever happened. Yet I insist on blogging to tell you lovely chaps and chappettes not to go to any buffet places on Brick Lane, stick to the curry houses that try and drag u in with promise of free booze. Do it.

Dignity and More….

Went to Boon's for a classic Steamboat - ah the memories of Ad going grey from the one we had in Malaysia. Was very tasty anyway, and we were all jovial and the such like. Afterwards I bust on out into Victoria to meet Katie in a coffee vendor while she was on the way through, had an awesome chat with her. Afterwards I then met up with Rex and we traversed to the Ship Tavern in Holborn, which has a very good rating according to my phone, was pretty good, though extremely tiny. Moved onto the Princess Louise which is very weirdly laid out, with small walled off pockets with lots of doors in between, all around the bar area. They only sell their own brand products as well, which is interesting but pretty cheap, I think work peeps go there a lot. Next on to the Beirodrome which was a bit expensive, but surprisingly close to my work, it’s not very noticeable though. Moved on to Mcdonalds near Charing Cross to recharge our hunger motors, and finally had 1 in Bar Ha Ha before heading home. I apparently forgot to take any photos, so that’ll show everyone what for.


Saw your face, the other day…

CIMG1407Met for drinkies after getting insanely high off caffeine and trying to organise people on waterloo bridge, I ended up babbling quite a lot really. I mainly blame taking advantage of the unlimited free coffee I can get from Starbucks by switching between branches.  Eventually met up with everyone (Rex, Shing, Boon, Hess and Beth) in the Holborn Pitcher and Piano. The entire evening basically transcended into lunacy focused mainly on the creative catalyst which is the Jager train!



Pretty in urine

Pretty pissed off today that I had insomnia last night and failed to once more get up early. Yesterday, we faffed around a lot, went to town to get some waffles, unfortunately no locksmiths were open for me to get a new key. We drove to Dan and Tracey’s so we could discuss Peru and all the cunning plans we have. Found a great Gap Adventure tour, so excited about that opportunity. Also found decent priced flights. Had some meaty dominos pizza and watched some film that was possibly funny and 3D animated but I can’t really remember.

Please quote this whenever you contact us

Slight hang over this morning, probably because I moshed all the liquid out of my body. Watched 10 episodes of 24 season 7 with raffle, which turned out to be frickin’ awesome, and so I am now caught up. Jack Bauer is such a legend. Happy lazy day. Then MUSKAAN. Blogged a bit, apparently not enough.

Reel Big Fish

CIMG1403 Met rex after work, beer’d ourselves up, and proceeded to an AWESOME gig by Reel Big Fish, supported by the excellent Suburban Legends, who had some excellent synchronised brass dancing. Good times. Had drinks in places around Southwark: JagerBombs and builliet bourbon etc. Then went to the bar next to the Kentish Town venue (HMV Forum), went in, met Kirsty and her friend. First time I’ve properly moshed for a while as well, got exceptionally soaked in sweat, but no injured, so win win all round really. Though I did lose my key which was a bit sad, but we got KFC in the end, which was excellent.CIMG1404

Related Tweets:

  • sweet, rex getting jager bombs for our 2nd drink. we're so hip jesus aint got nuttin on us
  • that's some dope drinking physics right there. why does my heart hurt?
  • bourbon: the redisovery. in theatres now. mind the gap
  • hookers. and sambuca through your eye,
  • good times kids, good times. reminds of uni gigs where i end up drenched in sweat. sweet
  • KFC is a good reward for the sweat I have lost. Unfortunately the pit claimed my house key. Error.

Drowning in miniature brain snippets

  • Damn work. Sarah Connor rules. Robots everywhere
  • On pancake day boon came round and after some crazy coloured pancakes (green), we chatted about morocco for a while, as that is our next destination.
  • Yesterday, when walking into my work building, I held a door open for 2 guys, they ignored me, opened the other door, and walked through without acknowledging me. I called them a bunch of retards as I scampered up the stairs. Win.
  • There was also a Zombie riot in streets and I discovered Safari Books Online are very good, as are the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • I'm Famous Mum!:
  • Many people were protesting the world service, and/or its reduction, outside the bbc house near Holborn.
  • Booked Morocco flights for easter and became a gym member(as a sexy couple with rex) ,woo!

Apres la Bristol

Pretty tired in the morning, mainly because the sofas that try and kill us in our sleep. Went to tapas place from the first night for a confusingly nice roast, dropped Cory off, then bust on home, not too bad drive, though bit crazy through London, which Rex drove luckily.

On our arrival we all collapsed and watched more Sarah Connor, frickin' awesome if you ask me. Which you did. Just can’t remember.



CIMG1380In the morning we walked into town after a long shower routine, and I randomly bumped into Harriet from travelling, which was insanely coincidental, but very cool. We met cory in town, which began our long string of various pubs, first of all a CIMG1384pub for food, followed by the living room which is a really cool looking pub with an amazing toilet that you get to over a glass walkway. Failed numerous times to go out a boat cruise of the river and bristol, mainly due to my owe poor reading of time. Walked through the cool square by the waterfront, then went to CIMG1391something circus, the new shopping centre, and had patisserie, though I think I chose a caffeinated warm drink instead to ease the pain. Went to the Bay Horse for a pint, before returning to centre, Pitcher and Piano, where we refuelled on jugs of cocktails before hitting up a curry restaurant called TIkka flame. Pretty Good. Afterwards we went to a casino,  which filled me with soul destruction. Finally went off to ‘Start The Bus’, cool indie type bar place but we knew none of the songs. So got Subway then went home.


swear that was John Connor on the Tube…

Came home from another day slaving at those C-sharps, and grabbed MR TASTY before driving to Bristol. Unfortunately, there was a crazy stabbing by Maryland Station, so took 30 min to get back to Ham Park. Fail. Long and tiring drive to Bristol, via some dodgy places such as ilford where we thought we would get stabbed THROUGH the locked car - rex took over part way along m4, and we pulled up by Ad's house after 11. We dumped our stuff, and headed on out to a tapas restaurant for a few beers, before getting back around 1. Slept on awkward couch, that wasn’t designed for someone over 3.5ft to sleep on.

Alkaline Trio

Met Joff and Sarah for coffee, before hitting up some Alkaline Trio at KoKo near Cambden. Drank quite a lot of beer. Good times.


Just like that time back in ‘Bush

CIMG1375 Today was a designated recovery day but also got to Westfield, had awesome Vietnamese for Lunch, though coffee that was regurgitated by weasels was some what meh. We shopped but i didn’t buy anything as normal. Went to La Tasca for they’re all you can eat buffet but the kitchen was shutting in 30 minutes, 1.5 hours before the open hours said it should! *scowl*. Went to the spice buffet instead. Exceptionally EXCEPTIONALLY bad. Pleurgh.


CIMG1372 Recently I cleaned the world, before watching nearly the entirety of the new terminator series which appears to be most excellent.CIMG1365

Today we were kind of bored so decided the best course of action was to randomly go to London, so we got on the DLR with no real plan, that resulted in us getting to the Cutty Sark, walking along the river, then grabbing a pint in the classic yacht pub.  Went to another pub which had a photo of loads of CIMG1364naked people on the road outside. It was very studenty and seemed to be playing the entire Coldplay album, which I appreciated, and also got a bit drunk, so we all decided we wanted it to be our local. Maybe just me.

Shing got some crazy doughnut thing from the nearby market. Went to next pub rather than home as boon forgot his umbrella, which resulted in more beer, followed by a large amount of Noodles. Rolled back home and decided to watch a film. Love Actually, is, as usual, the perfect vehicle of destructive tendencies that plagues my every thought, and so destroys my every hope... Luckily we played a vastly hardcore drinking game. Nice.

Tapas with Dan and Tracey

CIMG1356 CIMG1358

And lots of…

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