I caught me a whisper now dance in my hand…

CIMG1690 Monday night gig night!!!!! This week: Hundred Reasons.

Finished my story excellently at work, with skill and blatant lack of knowledge that someone will no doubt find out about in a few months. No one need to know for now. Anyway, Rex and I stormed into the local Bierodrome to sample their wares, mainly involve Chicken Ginger Chiller and Frites, for the price of the time, which was about £5.50, pretty awesome, and we had a slightly overpriced (face) palm beer. Which was the beer of the month or something, quite a ‘Distinctive’ flavour, but I agreed with it wholeheartedly.

Then we perambulated to Angel, which is perfection within a perfect city. CIMG1694 Man I love Angel, and we had a nice chilled drink in the Angelic Pub, which had toilets with ‘Character’. Venue was just across the street, unfortunately the support acts were a bit poop, but Hundred Reasons were very good, apart from the penultimate song. In conclusion we had 5 beers(TUBORG MOTHERHUBBARDS!) and ended up quite tired.

Gigging is fantastic.


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