Brain Thoughts

  • I wish there were 2 lunch breaks at work. then I would rule the world with a steely fist and razor sharp pineapples
  • I sometimes think we should use dead rabbit instead of our build server
  • throughout the day my computer commits tiny suicides, each time reaching out, closer, to the peaceful tranquillity of silicon heaven
  • Rex smells, but not as much as the cardboard that has sat outside our overflow pipe for 7 months. It has mushrooms and worms. Yummy!
  • I'd overflow HER pipe
  • New Hobby: Swippang vewols
  • As I wait for the Diphenhydramine Hydrochloride to kick in, I made up the word tweetmo & have decided to live up to its ridiculous hyperbole
  • "replace all" is a dangerous option for any one, especially bunnies
  • When I flash my free coffee wallet today, guy was like "Whoa it's the FBI", how we laughed....
  • Actually I was like "Indeed, I have a few questions, firstly, why does your coffee taste of dead babies?"...
  • To be honest I actually initially looked confused, then half-heartedly laughed as I thought he'd misprounounced 'VPI'... damn you Zeus
  • Luckily for my health I did not get stabbed and I didn't become a target for molotov cocktails. I'm trying to keep my drinking down anyway.
  • If anyone is travelling by tube:
  • Simplest April Fools ever, sent by email to our office: "Krispy Creams in the Kitchen, Enjoy".
  • *Head desk* 'bad joke exception'.... jokes here hurt me


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