Cory’s Weekend

CIMG1644Great weather this weekend, what with the hea venly blue skies, and caressing sun rays. Cory came down from lofty ole Bristol on Friday, and we met her somewhere, possible Victoria, or Waterloo, I rarely remember such facts, especially as I am writing this in the far distant future *waves hands in a fruitless fashion, what with the lack of vegetation*. Anyway, I suspect we migrated to Leicester Square, where we grabbed a drink or two in the Moon Under Water, which was pretty rammed, as always. CIMG1636Finished off the evening with a curry that Cory was gagging for, and we did well to avoid any for of discount curry place.  Though it was a bit odd, as we were the only clientele in there, apart from the two police officers that came in later. I like curry though, so all was okay.

Upon the Saturday Cory began her micro-sized Tefl course for when she runs away to China for a year or more if she gets addicted to the Kung Pow and Terracotta Warriors. Which is likely. And Xi’an has a nice Starbucks… as Starbucks CIMG1653go. Rather than sitting around screwing screws in a piece of chip board, rex and I decided we should go increase our  knowledge-verse, and frequent the Darwin Exhibition, to laugh in the face of Creationists. Unfortunately we couldn't get in, God dammit  so went across to the Science Musuem to peruse their exhibitions, there was a cool Wallace and Gromit exhibition, but it cost money and what with us having CIMG1669awesome hair, but stingy pockets, we went around the Dan Dare cold war type exhibition. Pretty dope. Then we were hungry, as one does get, and found a Moroccan restaurant near South Kensington tube station, and decided we should sample London’s Morocco before we go to actual Morocco. Turns out it is extremely yummy, especially when  it is on a cheap lunch deal involving harira soup and excellent fried fish. i think we wandered around the cool park by  the Royal Albert Hall.

CIMG1675In the evening I met up with Shing and BOOOOOOOOOOOON in the Roadhouse, for some awesome 50% off food, and very nice waitress and cheap cheap cocktails. Boon and I shared an awesome meat based platter style dish, and we made love, or I just ate everything, something like that. After some tipsy making cocktails, we met Cory in the Crooked Surgeon, where  we gently drank the night away before home time.

On Sunday I fear we just chilled, and then Cory departed after the last day of her Tefl course, which was a grand success. PHOTOS!


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