Holy stinking feet batman

wasn't expecting that when I sat down, shoulda left my shoes on

Enterprise Exam: Holy crap that was pretty bad, but I may have scraped something that could keep my marks back. Luckily I got marks back from coursework, got 83 and 78(avec dave). So that pwned the socks off what I was expecting. thank you miss yu Ping Pong.

Unfortunatly the exam then made me feel I needed to reward myself...by watching way too much My Name Is Earl. And then today iwas just lazy. I did discover though that the solution to my revision troubles are : 1) Don't be near a pc 2) Revise on my own.

Other wise distractions run rampent.
Not long left kids, only 8 days. Then I'm unleashed upon the unsuspecting world... except I now told it.... if it reads my blog....which it prolly doesn't....cos it doesn't have any eyes....that I know of...oink oink

little do people know this

but I'm actually fantastic...

no wait, I meant the other thing...


oh yeah, under-prepared.

National Coffee Stained Jeans Day

you know your revisions going badly when your're a student and your well up with your washing. Can anyone explain to me why I chose Enterprise Computing? Exam = 2moz. Whoop

Money Making Scheme v4:

anyway no time to frit away typing random things of wit, to the dramallamamobile

And so a round up

Well this is quite a "surge" of posts I do believe. Funtastic

So I went to town and didn't bank on it being a bank holiday.... haw haw. next.

A number of bloggable thoughts occured to me at the time, firstly Marks and Spencers is pretty awesome, even if it is run by a bunch of emo kids. There food seems damn awesome, and all made themselves, no brands, which could be good, or could be bad, tis quite novel to me (shows how much I paid attention when I used to go in there avec mum).

Also I found another gap in my knowledge, while navigating the small food court in M&S I was trying to find some spice and came across this sign:

now if i was clever, like you splendifious reader, I'd know the exact definition of one, even wikipedia doesn't really help me as it doesn't tell me what the hell it means in the UK. Needless to say there was no spice there....

I not sure why I took this photo, but it kinda shows people crowding outside waiting for Tesco to open. Quite sad really. Obviously I was also waiting there.

Finally a shout out to the girl in Sainsburies who was cute and wished me a nice day. Word'izzle

A Smattering of Beer Offers


2 for £16 on Stelle (20x284), Carlsberg Export (20x300), Kronenbourg (20x300) and Carling (24x330)

Carlsberg £9.99 (20x440ml)

Bud £10.99 (20x300)

Fosters £13.98 (24x440)

Carlsberg £12.98 (24x440)

For a probably more comprehensive list check here (moneysavingexpert.com)

as i'm typing this...

i am in fact in cafe nero on my phone... what may surprise you is the fact that their coffee is damn nice though molten hot. And as if on cue a hot girl sat down and i proceeded to spill coffee all over my leg. Smooth. No doubt as dave pointed out, they were all probably like "dang that guy's leg is hot" or some other such wittiscm... to the shops ->

you're all probably wondering

why art I up at this crazy time, and already showered and shaved expertly. Well my loyal readers its down to two main factors:

1) Saturn has passed the Jupiter Nebula and fallen in Uranus... haw haw
and 2) ARHG I need to revise

In other news mr scruff rules, some property chillaxing ninja tunes, with a touch of cut'n'paste thrown in dj yoda stylee

right I can't be dilly-dallying on here I need to work, away with thee!

as a quick update

I 'ave been mostly revising. currently on campus. soon home for lunch woo.

Dave got an n80... grr. I bit jealous, though kinda wondering what I would really use it for more than this phone. Wifi is nice, except well only place i can access it is at home... where I have a pc anyway. Does have a nice camera and display tho, pondersome.

some dude just walked past me who seemed to be wearing eau de dentiste... grooby.

In further news I'm bored of banana thereoms now. New topic: why did trev ring me asking for rachel's new number when in fact his girlfriend is her sister. A tangled mass of intrigue and confusion. I'd normally say to the bar... but currently, "to the Cellular Automata"....

Oh and I saw X-men 3: The Last Stand last night, extremely awesome, though people had mixed opinons on it. I still loved it. Wolverine is a legend and well, don't really wanna spoil it for anyone...

"I'm the Juggernaught Bitch!

the ripening rate of bananas

while perusing a number of papers on Cellular Automata and Evolutionary Programming for analog circuits, I began pondering bananas. I happened to be eating one at the time.

This made me ponder why this banana was relatively green, even though I bought the bunch a few days earlier, this led me onto this theory:

If we take the assumptions:

1) Fruit in general ripens faster if there is other riper fruit around
2) Bananas of the same bunch tend to be at the same state of "ripeness"

we can conclude I'm a bit of a dick. Not just this but also that:

The ripening rate of a singular isolated bunch of bananas is approx. exponential. This theory is based on this imaginary case study:

If we imagine a bunch of bananas as some sort of Swarm. We can then give each banana some sort of individual localised behavior. i.e:

if nearest neighbour ripeness is > than own ripeness then increase own ripeness by a randomly weighted amount relative to the difference.

From this the emergent property of the swarm system should be that when all bananas have low ripe-ness the rate should be low, then possibly a momentum of "ripenessing" should build up, hence an exponential rate of ripening.

Either that or I just proved they ripen using a linear equation. Whatever, we can safely say it still stands that I'm a dick.

This is awesome!

totally incredible mosiac thing with photos that is like continous, I dunno how they manage to do it on the fly, awesome

it would appear that

Lara Croft is not flame resistant, she's useless that girl.

My head hurts today, i don't seem to sleep properly anymore, bar footsie 2nite tho, so that should = pain, whoop. shit not done any revision... to town ->

Answer this riddle if u will

If there once was a man with hand of spam, where was the candlestickmaker when the baker was cheering the lakers?

and so

I arrive home... at 8.45am, I'd be a pretty dope night shift worker

still, bonus points to stu for being on campus for going on 45 hours now, rather him than my knee

right I gonna shower then sleep or sommit along those lines, whoop de woo

if I was to tell you

I was still up on campus and had done very little from when I last blogged would u believe me? well you should cos I wasn't lying. dammit it sux, why can't I work.

In further news ant colonys get really boring at 3am in the morning, however eating, drinking and walking around aimlessly seem highly attractive options. If I'd actually worked during the day this may have all been avoided. probably not though.

[insert more complaining here]

quite a dilemma has occured: should save my last pound for a red bull alternative or use it for 2 packets of crisps... the jury is out... prolly nice and tucked up in bed

Shout out goes to Norah Jones

Guess what kids?

thats right I'm back on campus doing a late nighter, hopefully not an ALL nighter but we shall see how much I work, slightly demotivated due to laziness and the fact that FUCKING ARSENAL LOST in bad circumstances. We battled hard, and everyone put their ickle old hearts into the game, but didn't help lehmann got sent off in first 18min.... error. and referee was bit pants

Back to the work dilemma, well its not a dilemma more of a "I'm lazier than someone nailed to a hammock" situation. Notice the use of procrastination once more. down with teh system I say, and with spelling of the word the.

Random Quote

"Lets engineer some arrays kids!" - meh

Holy shit spangles batman

I'm really bad at blogging these days, must be the hats.

What have I been up to? I'm glad you asked a huge range of... work. but i did my demonstration for my project and Wendy was like "Hey guy you be the sex" and Ed was all like "that be good my prodege" and then I clicked a node with 2 documents in. Cunningly these 2 documents were "Penis" and "Sperm" so I chuckled, Ed chuckled and I couldn't face Wendy.

Twas grooby tho, now just 1 piece of work to do then Exam revision, weeeeeeeee or wii as I think I am obligated to say these days. Stuff needs to happen more I've decided so I have an incentive to blog and the such like, I did have these thoughts last nite tho:

How I Met Your Mother is good but I suspect it has put its foot in it completely because basically when Ted actually does meet his wife to be the show is so gonna Jump The Shark. This then got me thinking about the nature of the show, and that there isn't actually a huge onslaught of jokes and they are mostly around Barney, its kinda like a lazy kid throwing a few stones when he can be assed but sometimes a huge rock (stick with me here). a show like Friends on the other hand is like a kid whose got ADD throwing smallish stones all the time, where as a show like The Green Wing is like an anti-aircraft machine gun. Basically, yeah.

Breakdown of a night on campus

I decided to let you all into the secret of not dying while doing an all nighter on campus. so to begin:

The Setup: I'm in the "Yellow Room" I need to write many pages by 10.30am tomorrow, current total : 1 or 2 lying around. I'm logged into a yellow room computer with houdini (3d modelling thing) running on it and I got my laptop hacked into the network next to me for typing the write up on. They're sharing a file space. I also have my mp3 player and a large bottle of Kick. oh and a blazing headache from caffiene withdrawel

So far what has occured (as of
21.07): I've dilly dallyed a bit, chatted to gavin and ollie in red room, rendered a few screenshots and fannyed around. I've also gone to vending machines and the loo about 5 times. Next on adjenda... ajenda... schedule is to grab some SOP network screen shots, u knows it.... more to follow

Mapped my project space to a network drive, taken half of SOP network screen shots. Woo. Pain in head and eyes suddenly repaired, caffiene and taurine levels must be at a normal level

21.45: caffiene levels dropped slight ache in forehead, gavin came in, attempted to help him with enterprise, failed drastically, so went to loo. need to finish sop shots. Damn.

22:01: it would appear everytime I close Houdini it crashes. no matter I've done all the SOP shots now. MP3 player ran outta battery, luckily my experience taught me to bring a charger. Time to write about modelling the bike, good times.... not before getting some water, damn caffiene makes me thirsty. Current Music: Jose Gonzalez

Done some screen shots of various stages of bike could be a bit easier than I anticipated, tho more time consuming, damn them all to places of smell. I need to loo again, I may have another Vitamin C tablet to help rid the evil Stu Virus

23.25: Done just about nothign more, bit of writing. My homeboy Pete came up and we chilled for a bit, then I got an expresso and my head blew off, so I chilled with Gavin while I measured the angle of my shakes. Not good. Time to get some water and ACTUALLY DO SOME FUCKING WORK... yes

01.13: Still not done much work which is bad, got distracted again by going to engineering vending machines with Gavin and DAve. oh yeah dave's here. We chilled there with drinks and food for a bit on the sofas, which we discovered not to be working really. Error. Current Music: Norah Jones

Blitzing work at the moment, you maythink that I'm procrastinating on here but I just proud of my work speed. Either I workin really fast or the caffine has sped up time. Damn. My heart and tummy aren't feeling 100% kosha but nothing bad, I'm in la zone and Frankie de Tori wouldn't say. Dave been here for a few hours helping people, not sure if he was meant to do any work up here?

02:36: Currently I'm a bit like superman. I won't tell u why but its not cos I think I piddled myself..... Vending machine has run outta crisps! In related racing news I've nearly done writing up how i modelling each bit, just the dude to do. mmmm nice.

Still going strong my loyal readers, I suspect large quantites of water help, and also provide a much needed break to keep going to the loo. I'm on shaders now, very boring, sux. Also I just got attacked by mothra in the toilets, not a pretty sight but we'll leave it at that. *ponders* 6.5 hours till hand in... easy...just no sleep

Well it would appear that the caffiene fell out, but then pepsi max swooped to the rescue, unfortunatly no money left so its all I can manage. I finished shaders but still got stupedly masses to do, such as animation, rendering, post-production and yada. Still need to print as well obv

and durka my durka its all done, parteh parteh parteh, except not cos gotta go back and print it now. DAMMIT. no rest for the wikked wikked wile wile west, jim west, desparado.. etc. so enter the caffiene insanity mode. Luckily dave has his car..... lets hope sleepness is not an ish. Damn we still need to sort out enterprise, not home time yet.

back in the shack with a rack of mack... wot? anyway printing loadsof stuff, dave gone to sleep for a few min while it prints, I don't feel tired yet which is good, I think caffiene is sending its last shockwave through me, I may shave, be careful my younguns

07:25: printed everything out now, it appears I have around 40 pages for modelling including all SOPs and screen shots.. possibly more I can't be assed to count! I suspect soon time to wake dave, dammit I don't wanna sleep I not tired and I gonna waste a beautiful day, DAMN U COMP SCI...ah well...

07:58: done and dusted. a successfull night of working I do believe, now sleep.... oh by the way. its my birthday....

"Super Power" training center

Boing Boing: Those wacky Scientologists are to open a "Super Power" training center in FL

u may also call me Hat Master John

Joss = the legend

Joss Whedon or is he?

its one of those times again

when I really need to work but I feeling I can't be assed. Year 1 and 2 Tom would just give up now and go get drunk/steal a kitten/sell drugs to the kids down the imp. Year 3 Tom will complain vigoursly on blog and force himself to work even though it feels hopeless. Down with the system. Up with the caffiene.

*notes he's procrastinating on blog* shh now Tom.

not only is it

way too early to post but my stupid brain made me wake up at this time, before my alarm could even think about going "ting a ling ping". Also I woke up with huge pain in stomach, which I suspect is due to caffiene content in me. good times.

Current Modelling Status: I have a bike, a partially finished dude and a partially finished street. I was on campus from 9am till 10pm yesterday doing it. my eyes arghghghh wibble. Can't do it on my pc cos it blows up spectucularlly.

Hair Status: starting to get so long its started to consume my head.

gonna have a shower, if I can think of anything awesome to say I will tell thee it... damn all I can think of is I REALLY bleeping need A haircut

to the campus ->

a little ditty I freestyled

"yo mikey j
I'm here to stay
I got long hair
and erm, I'm not a bear"

and that was that. What have I been up to you may ponder? well I shall relieve you from this blah blah. Friday nite went to new spoons avec la girlies, and I got a baloon! whoopa, then after that trekked to meet the hombres at The Ram, more drinking ensued, came back, was like "Stu, get on up over here" so we again watched crappy quiz shows with beer till 3am. then Dave was all like "to the tesco" which was nice, in end sleepage occured at 6am, error.

Saturday night -> Stu house party, much drinking occured, and I still had long hair.

Work update: I finished my project! whoopa, and enterprise, now just got modelling, corba and nature left. and zero time to do it in. sux

try orbox B tis a slightly addictive flash game

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is an awesome show fools

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