a little ditty I freestyled

"yo mikey j
I'm here to stay
I got long hair
and erm, I'm not a bear"

and that was that. What have I been up to you may ponder? well I shall relieve you from this blah blah. Friday nite went to new spoons avec la girlies, and I got a baloon! whoopa, then after that trekked to meet the hombres at The Ram, more drinking ensued, came back, was like "Stu, get on up over here" so we again watched crappy quiz shows with beer till 3am. then Dave was all like "to the tesco" which was nice, in end sleepage occured at 6am, error.

Saturday night -> Stu house party, much drinking occured, and I still had long hair.

Work update: I finished my project! whoopa, and enterprise, now just got modelling, corba and nature left. and zero time to do it in. sux

try orbox B tis a slightly addictive flash game

Two pints of lager and a packet of crisps is an awesome show fools


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