Breakdown of a night on campus

I decided to let you all into the secret of not dying while doing an all nighter on campus. so to begin:

The Setup: I'm in the "Yellow Room" I need to write many pages by 10.30am tomorrow, current total : 1 or 2 lying around. I'm logged into a yellow room computer with houdini (3d modelling thing) running on it and I got my laptop hacked into the network next to me for typing the write up on. They're sharing a file space. I also have my mp3 player and a large bottle of Kick. oh and a blazing headache from caffiene withdrawel

So far what has occured (as of
21.07): I've dilly dallyed a bit, chatted to gavin and ollie in red room, rendered a few screenshots and fannyed around. I've also gone to vending machines and the loo about 5 times. Next on adjenda... ajenda... schedule is to grab some SOP network screen shots, u knows it.... more to follow

Mapped my project space to a network drive, taken half of SOP network screen shots. Woo. Pain in head and eyes suddenly repaired, caffiene and taurine levels must be at a normal level

21.45: caffiene levels dropped slight ache in forehead, gavin came in, attempted to help him with enterprise, failed drastically, so went to loo. need to finish sop shots. Damn.

22:01: it would appear everytime I close Houdini it crashes. no matter I've done all the SOP shots now. MP3 player ran outta battery, luckily my experience taught me to bring a charger. Time to write about modelling the bike, good times.... not before getting some water, damn caffiene makes me thirsty. Current Music: Jose Gonzalez

Done some screen shots of various stages of bike could be a bit easier than I anticipated, tho more time consuming, damn them all to places of smell. I need to loo again, I may have another Vitamin C tablet to help rid the evil Stu Virus

23.25: Done just about nothign more, bit of writing. My homeboy Pete came up and we chilled for a bit, then I got an expresso and my head blew off, so I chilled with Gavin while I measured the angle of my shakes. Not good. Time to get some water and ACTUALLY DO SOME FUCKING WORK... yes

01.13: Still not done much work which is bad, got distracted again by going to engineering vending machines with Gavin and DAve. oh yeah dave's here. We chilled there with drinks and food for a bit on the sofas, which we discovered not to be working really. Error. Current Music: Norah Jones

Blitzing work at the moment, you maythink that I'm procrastinating on here but I just proud of my work speed. Either I workin really fast or the caffine has sped up time. Damn. My heart and tummy aren't feeling 100% kosha but nothing bad, I'm in la zone and Frankie de Tori wouldn't say. Dave been here for a few hours helping people, not sure if he was meant to do any work up here?

02:36: Currently I'm a bit like superman. I won't tell u why but its not cos I think I piddled myself..... Vending machine has run outta crisps! In related racing news I've nearly done writing up how i modelling each bit, just the dude to do. mmmm nice.

Still going strong my loyal readers, I suspect large quantites of water help, and also provide a much needed break to keep going to the loo. I'm on shaders now, very boring, sux. Also I just got attacked by mothra in the toilets, not a pretty sight but we'll leave it at that. *ponders* 6.5 hours till hand in... easy...just no sleep

Well it would appear that the caffiene fell out, but then pepsi max swooped to the rescue, unfortunatly no money left so its all I can manage. I finished shaders but still got stupedly masses to do, such as animation, rendering, post-production and yada. Still need to print as well obv

and durka my durka its all done, parteh parteh parteh, except not cos gotta go back and print it now. DAMMIT. no rest for the wikked wikked wile wile west, jim west, desparado.. etc. so enter the caffiene insanity mode. Luckily dave has his car..... lets hope sleepness is not an ish. Damn we still need to sort out enterprise, not home time yet.

back in the shack with a rack of mack... wot? anyway printing loadsof stuff, dave gone to sleep for a few min while it prints, I don't feel tired yet which is good, I think caffiene is sending its last shockwave through me, I may shave, be careful my younguns

07:25: printed everything out now, it appears I have around 40 pages for modelling including all SOPs and screen shots.. possibly more I can't be assed to count! I suspect soon time to wake dave, dammit I don't wanna sleep I not tired and I gonna waste a beautiful day, DAMN U COMP SCI...ah well...

07:58: done and dusted. a successfull night of working I do believe, now sleep.... oh by the way. its my birthday....


Anonymous 9:40 am  

*goes cross-eyed at the thought of doing so much work in such a short space of time* Madness. Belated Happy Birthday btw :D

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