Holy shit spangles batman

I'm really bad at blogging these days, must be the hats.

What have I been up to? I'm glad you asked a huge range of... work. but i did my demonstration for my project and Wendy was like "Hey guy you be the sex" and Ed was all like "that be good my prodege" and then I clicked a node with 2 documents in. Cunningly these 2 documents were "Penis" and "Sperm" so I chuckled, Ed chuckled and I couldn't face Wendy.

Twas grooby tho, now just 1 piece of work to do then Exam revision, weeeeeeeee or wii as I think I am obligated to say these days. Stuff needs to happen more I've decided so I have an incentive to blog and the such like, I did have these thoughts last nite tho:

How I Met Your Mother is good but I suspect it has put its foot in it completely because basically when Ted actually does meet his wife to be the show is so gonna Jump The Shark. This then got me thinking about the nature of the show, and that there isn't actually a huge onslaught of jokes and they are mostly around Barney, its kinda like a lazy kid throwing a few stones when he can be assed but sometimes a huge rock (stick with me here). a show like Friends on the other hand is like a kid whose got ADD throwing smallish stones all the time, where as a show like The Green Wing is like an anti-aircraft machine gun. Basically, yeah.


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