as a quick update

I 'ave been mostly revising. currently on campus. soon home for lunch woo.

Dave got an n80... grr. I bit jealous, though kinda wondering what I would really use it for more than this phone. Wifi is nice, except well only place i can access it is at home... where I have a pc anyway. Does have a nice camera and display tho, pondersome.

some dude just walked past me who seemed to be wearing eau de dentiste... grooby.

In further news I'm bored of banana thereoms now. New topic: why did trev ring me asking for rachel's new number when in fact his girlfriend is her sister. A tangled mass of intrigue and confusion. I'd normally say to the bar... but currently, "to the Cellular Automata"....

Oh and I saw X-men 3: The Last Stand last night, extremely awesome, though people had mixed opinons on it. I still loved it. Wolverine is a legend and well, don't really wanna spoil it for anyone...

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