And so a round up

Well this is quite a "surge" of posts I do believe. Funtastic

So I went to town and didn't bank on it being a bank holiday.... haw haw. next.

A number of bloggable thoughts occured to me at the time, firstly Marks and Spencers is pretty awesome, even if it is run by a bunch of emo kids. There food seems damn awesome, and all made themselves, no brands, which could be good, or could be bad, tis quite novel to me (shows how much I paid attention when I used to go in there avec mum).

Also I found another gap in my knowledge, while navigating the small food court in M&S I was trying to find some spice and came across this sign:

now if i was clever, like you splendifious reader, I'd know the exact definition of one, even wikipedia doesn't really help me as it doesn't tell me what the hell it means in the UK. Needless to say there was no spice there....

I not sure why I took this photo, but it kinda shows people crowding outside waiting for Tesco to open. Quite sad really. Obviously I was also waiting there.

Finally a shout out to the girl in Sainsburies who was cute and wished me a nice day. Word'izzle


Anonymous 2:35 pm  

Bank holiday is tomorrow. Today is Sunday. M + S is quite cool. Dunno about words. Lunch now.

Tommeh 7:43 pm  

Bank holiday weekend, hence hours were shorter, as proved by the sign on Tesco that I failed to take a photo of

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