Quickish update

young peter got his results today, First whoop! So me and Alex (who was still there) went down to the ram to join him. Luckily I was pre-warned by ye olde stu that he was slightly worse for ware due to some intoxicating liquer he had been drinking.

After Ram we went home, had curry possibly and then me, alex, pete and louis went to Sam's birthday party, which was awesome. Met some strange people trying to sell me a plethera of fruit, which was nice of them.

oooh pippen

would you believe it, I've got my results! Whoop Whoop.

I can't actually think of a cunning and/or humourous way to reveal them, so without further ado:

I got a first. ooh yeah *rocks out*

so we went to the ram and then had a bit of drink, but not too much, which was prolly for the best.

Holiday photos

Get ya holiday photos here... well see ours anyway, booshank (click on the slideshows to see all pics as slideshows only show first 20)

My Photos

Nick's Photos

Alex's Photos

Chloe's Photos


Holiday tomorrow... when I say argh, I mean whoop whoop!

We went and got our t-shirts made up today, they be proper booshank, and rightly so my name on the back was Dr Booshank. Chloe had Boro Babe, Pete had Mr Ambassador, Mike had Muppeter, and Nick had The CDB.... thats Crazy Dutch Bastard to ya fools.

Front was a cunningly designed as such:

wait for it...wait for it....there ya go, uber

Unfortunatly the whole debarkal required us to visit the local "watering hole"... and afterwards we went down the Imp for a few pints, good show chaps.

We then traversed to town and then had to pack all our stuff cos we had to get up at some stupid time like 3am, the fools. Minor panik about me not having my licence counterfoil ended with me giving up.

To bed->

guess what we did today?

wrong... we went for...

Chinese Buffet, whoopa. Enough said really. why yes
oh and pints were 1.40 or sommit, bonus.

and so began the week of sport

of which I discovered I would be awesome at the 4metre sprint, but after that time would need air pushed into my lungs or death occurs. Ah well at least I can still kinda run fast, and my new trainers make me cream all over the football pitch(or kids playground as the case may be). Umbro and 12 quid! bargainous really. So the schedule u wonder?:

Tuesday: Hectic day of recovering from alcohol poisoning (wasn't too bad really)
Wednesday: Squash
Thursday: Football and a fast-paced session of joining Exeter Library
Friday: Football, innit
Saturday: once more a game of football, these by the way consisted of me, nick, pete and mike, in a 2v2 battle of death, normally resulting in new lungs requiring purchase everytime.

Another new excercise we introduced on saturday was the art of smashing a window without touching it, or indeed throwing things at it, or poking it with a stick. Thats right, our front window just fell down and shattered. Grand. Hopefully louis will sort it while we're on holiday :P

North Korea

North Korea
- some awesome photos of North Korea, that people aren't meant to see, tis amazingly weird.

updates later...

The 21stof Nick

And so, as any 21st birthday should begin, after presents receiving we all went off to collect our Graduation Ball tickets. then went home and slept the rest of the day.

Either that or we then went to The Imp for awesome spoons breakfast and to begin the day of drinking at nearly 10am, good show old chaps. In attendance: Me, Mike, Pete and Nick. It seemed cunning for me to get a Farm house brekkie and a pitcher of Pimms for myself, prolly not the best start but still awesome. I also got a Magners for nick with 2 shots of Navy Rum in, mwahha

After a length of time I cant' remember we perambulated toward town but were momentarily distracted by the Tower Inn Ferno, Cocktails 1.50, bloomin' lovely gov'. So the best way to exit was me to leave my phone there, after a quick trip back and card purchasing we arrived at the Hog Shed. Oh dear. Who invented half price student discount?

We soon got drinkin all things under the sun, though nearly straight away a random dude bought nick a jack-hammer (shot of whiskey and shot of tequila combined) for free cos it was his birthday. Jolly nice chap. Anyway after a few games of screw the dealer mike hit paralaysis, and this was like 1/2pm! It didn't help I bought nick an absyinth, to which he retaliated by giving us each a shot, luckily I swapped my tequila with mike's sambuca, and mike fell into a zombie like state. AFter an awesome curry, mike stumbled off home to wreck havoc in McDonalds and anyone in his path, till his final resting place. home.

We soldiered on however, down in numbers, but with enough gustow to kill a cat. Let the drink fly. Soon we decided to bet on the match, which resulted in a few drunkan trips to the betting shop next door (really stupid place to put one)

*breathes* shit cakes this is a long post, don't get bored!!! quick here's a photo break:

..."oh rly?" conglomorated Mike...

..."yaaahh rly" squeezed Pete while being sucked into the camera...

...Absyinth - the King of death and its other related powers of Vomitting violently...

..."holy fuck bricks!" refrigerated Pete, "we seem to have drunk for too long..."

...a nasty accident left nick with a camera for a mouth as a severed arm flew across the room...

As you probably saw Chloe joined us after her exam (still doing exams! shocking), and then dave did from his magical place of home. More drink was had and then we moved on to New spoons, now having drunk for nearly 8 hours I suspect, now bullet points, hands hurting:

  • More drink
  • Bought Nick a wray and nephew, and got a bit over my hand and nearly vomitted. Unfortunatly Nick did vomit, but seemed better for it so we agreed a good time.
  • Left and grabbed KFC. Can't beat 9 hot wings, except for more, but for 3 quid pretty good.
  • Then we entered arena using some cunning birthday text Nick got - this resulted in a bit of drinking (been drinkin for at least 12 hours and still not hugely drunk) and then a lot of dancing.
  • Some crazy girls started some sort of ass grinding war with us which resulted in much hilarity but terrifying realisation of arse muscle strength.
  • Collapsed
Last Photo Frenzy:

..."I wonder how tight my shirt is" supplemented Tom... too tight Tom, too tight To..wait thats me...

...a rib tickling disease soon ravinged the hardy party, as Pete's drunk detecting finger was re-initiated into the group...

...the solution? The Drunk detector must be inserted in the nearest nose!

Did some say hot?

For that, I hear is what it is. I trying to do the chillaxing after a good weekend of, well mostly chillaxing. I shall attempt to recipricate violently all over y'all:


Due to ad being a bit of a spaktard he failed to come to the Ex on Friday, so the gang of Orp were coming up today for Mark's Wedding. Rather than planning how the hell I was gonna get to the wedding I decided the best bet was just to take a train to newton abbot and see what happens. Luckily cory and her friend swept to the rescue and picked me up.

Unfortunatly a suit + one of the hottest days of the year didn't = chilledness but no matter, me and cory decided to get a seat and then fret about everyone else actually getting to the wedding before it was over. Luckily Trev and Beth soon turned up and then Ruffle, Ad, Rex, Dan and Tracey arrived at about 10325 mph possibly nearly killing them all.

Twas good ceremony and food afterwards was much dope apart from some grape juice that was quite horrendous for everyone involved. Unfortuantly we missed the first England match. grrr. but no matter, after a bit of reshuffling I managed to get a lift home and then we pondered our next move. which resulted in Wagamama and onwards to rileys, good chilled fun. I'd elaborate but tbh its about a month later and I have no fucking clue. whoop


the best way to start the day? A Spoons Brekkie down the imp, though cory left at some stupid time in the morning that would kill most people.

And so Every1 left in a flurry of flurry, and we pondipulated the rest of the day.

I'm sure I had photos of the wedding but looks like I was too lazy. Consistency I find is my best feature.

and to the party of Pete we strolled

Which shall henceforth be heralded as the party of "Tom only meant to drink 4 fosters but drunk 10 by accident whoops where's my thribble".

I suspect during the day I did very little but soon Pete's party abeckoned and loaded with a partially full crate of beer we marched the ardious trek to his house. Once arriving we noticed it had taken nearly 2 whole minutes, partially cos we were laughing at Summer.

We soon discovered that our beer store was inadequate luckily pete went to our house and got another 20.. I don't think we even conned him into it, he offered! nice one son.

Soon we were a bit tipsy and I ended up talking to some girl called Camilla I think, or of similar name, v.nice girl. The resulting conclusion of the summary of the situation was me and nick being drunk and jumping into a bush (a shrubbery type). Which ensued much hilarity cos we got propa stuck. We then joined the national bush hunt till we reached the end of the road and got bored and went and jumped back in the same bush, leaving it completly fucked.

Luckily nick used his topary skillery to fix it in the morning. Good times all round.

"who the god damn skull duggery are you" exfoliated Stu while suspiciously stealing my soul...

...unfortunatly Stu's cold had worsened and there was nothing anything could or wanted to do to help...

...especially Nick et Mike who were having difficulty with their newly super glued eyelids...

...and so it appear nick had merged with the bush, a poor plan all round really



...wtf? - the stu window remix...

thank sex for that

luckily it turns out my eyes moderatly healed in time for my last exam, modelling, which went pretty alright, could have learnt more but meh...... Oh my Jesus titty fucking christ (to quote Team America) I'm finished! No more work, no more exams ever.... crap now I have no purpose.....Wooopa

The best solution we decided was to perambulate to the bar at high speed, I think I was nearly the first one there.. ah beer. After a bit of jovialness and hilarity we went home.

to more beer! and food then decided our best course of action for the night was to go to arena, which turned out to be stupidely boiling hot so we left moderatly early. probably for the best I was totally worn out.

Photo flood:

"oh no" cried stu as the sun exploded, showering him in shattered sun "I just bought this eye!"...

..luckily chaos soon ensued so all death was soon forgotten...

fuck sake

my eyes are more fucked than ever. Bloodshot and sting like all the time.

Can't concentrate. Fuck sticks.

ahhh the art of remissing...or sommit

remember this photo? we were like, haw haw more beer than a cat...

...well durka my durka and call me charlie, it would appear its happened all over again. Thank god for the Aussies....

Further news, bioinformatics was good exam, seemed to know more than I first anticipated. Also got my last piece of coursework back, Nature Presentation, and got 83 in it, which was amazing as it was pretty crap cos I was so tired when I did it.

One exam left!
To the revision-mobile charlie

I do believe

that Lindsay Lohan was in my dream last night, and we were going through corridors and places trying to kill zombines and random thingys. We had some sorta guns that squirted like water pistols but they squirted lazers or some sort of weird stuff, that seemed to work. But then we were against this big dude that was like huge, and I not sure what exactly was happening but I seemed to jump pretty high. Then I met wolverine and he wouldn't help us... I then may have became him, I can't remember... suffice to say it ended with me thinking its was 2.08pm and not only had we missed Mark's wedding but to add insult to injury we missed the start of the england match.

so its a mouse is it?

this is probably where the bugger(s) are coming from, so a number of cunning traps were constructed:

...this was the first effort by nick, its not set up but its quite cunning really..tho the food keeps disappearing from it... meh..

..another effort by nick... not sure if its effectiveness...

my simple, yet hopefully effective solution...


...and probably the most likely to suceed in an awesome way, designed by nick...

u may well ask yourself

"what has tom done today?" well I shall tell you via the media of light....and words...basically I revised... :

I decided the best course of action was to make notes on Stu....

this is me "sticking it to the man"... haw haw...

... I then saw a pretty cloud, which distracted me for long enough to not get enough done...

basically I should be revising now but due to my innate laziness I am not, and procrastinating amazingly. I also watched The Girl Next Door last night and Elisha Cuthbert is damn foxy, to the fox-mobile!.. with eyes

Random Quote:

"found a porridge box" - okaaayy rex...

how to be lazy 101

and so on the morning of...today we went to spoons for a nice relaxing breakfast to clear the system, and it was a boiling hot...

I decided to chill the whole day cos I'm lazy/cool/a cat (delete as appropriate) like that.. unfortunatly mike was so shocked he attempted to commit suicide using the hammock...

...dave then proceeded to climb the roof to catch mike's spirit, danger was never too far away...

..after mike's resuERECTION, everyone posed pretending they were doing something... in nick's case looking dumbfounded...

....cat anyone? with eyes?...

and the traditional smoke dance ensued... jolly good day around with much laughter, shoulder burning and death for any critic...

Bar FSTE alert!

and so to the bar footsie, and blurred pics galore...

..twas surprisingly busy, and after a bout of low prices everything became quite expensive...

...though luckily it appeared everyone was still quite jovial, even tho we queued up for 75p Grants and it was 1.45 when we got served, fuckers...

...then nick saw a mouse so we put down some bread, and sprinkled it with spice to trap it.... yeah thats gonna work

Revisio Pics

A good way to start the day if I ever saw one

..and so the mystery of bin squirrel was solved...

...once more the sun was shining upon my furrowed brow...

...can't beat that sky...

...the view from the computing library...slightly scuppered...

and the conclusion to my revision sesh....

Compilers Exam: Turns out they decided they should test us with some sort of GCSE level paper.. which was nice, but in true Carrier Pidgeon style there were up to 3 mistakes in the paper. Grooby.

How foolish

I came up on la campus to Fuck Shit Up, and ended up just joining facebook... JOIN IT! if you're from Exeter Uni cos there's now an exeter uni network on it, and then when we all get teleported to Lord Xenu's magical far away kingdom we can still keep in touch

or something. To the Revision-mobile. (as in batmobile, to Revisioncellularphone... that would be stupid.)

After that rant

I can get on to the awesomeness of today, not only is it an wikkedly sunny day and for once I don't feel tired, but also my Nature Inspired Computing exam was really really good, so I be the happy. Though I think everyone found it easy which may push marks down, but meh

Also we got to sit in sun drinkin oasis, which was nice. Now I need to revise for Compilers... whoop

Reasons my phone sucks

I've had this phone a year now, and I can cunningly explain all the things I think are wrong with it and why I want a n93 or maybe an n80 if I'm impatient

  • The joystick has a life-time of about 5 months. Its shocking quality, half the time it won't go in some directions, or thinks u've pushed it in. V.Bad - well known problem
  • It can't stand the wear and tear that I inflict upon phones, my previous nokias have taken it, unfortunatly my K750i is more battered than a chip shop fish.
  • Half the time my phone's memory isn't recognised by my pc untill I restart, I don't know if this is my pc's fault, but my friend has this trouble as well.
  • Operating system is very limited, compared to Symbian mobiles it is extremely basic, for my uses, tis not good enough
  • My charger requires lots of wiggling to get it to actually stay charging, connection is poor.
  • Does not support many formats.
  • Photos take a shocking amount of time to taken, even with macro mode off its very hard to capture split second moments of things
  • In-built browser is aweful - if Opera-mini wasn't around I'd barely use wap.
NB: this may not be for all k750is but its from my experience. K750i is not a bad phone as such, it has a HUGE amount of good features, just its very annoying and for me not good enough.

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