thank sex for that

luckily it turns out my eyes moderatly healed in time for my last exam, modelling, which went pretty alright, could have learnt more but meh...... Oh my Jesus titty fucking christ (to quote Team America) I'm finished! No more work, no more exams ever.... crap now I have no purpose.....Wooopa

The best solution we decided was to perambulate to the bar at high speed, I think I was nearly the first one there.. ah beer. After a bit of jovialness and hilarity we went home.

to more beer! and food then decided our best course of action for the night was to go to arena, which turned out to be stupidely boiling hot so we left moderatly early. probably for the best I was totally worn out.

Photo flood:

"oh no" cried stu as the sun exploded, showering him in shattered sun "I just bought this eye!"...

..luckily chaos soon ensued so all death was soon forgotten...


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