The 21stof Nick

And so, as any 21st birthday should begin, after presents receiving we all went off to collect our Graduation Ball tickets. then went home and slept the rest of the day.

Either that or we then went to The Imp for awesome spoons breakfast and to begin the day of drinking at nearly 10am, good show old chaps. In attendance: Me, Mike, Pete and Nick. It seemed cunning for me to get a Farm house brekkie and a pitcher of Pimms for myself, prolly not the best start but still awesome. I also got a Magners for nick with 2 shots of Navy Rum in, mwahha

After a length of time I cant' remember we perambulated toward town but were momentarily distracted by the Tower Inn Ferno, Cocktails 1.50, bloomin' lovely gov'. So the best way to exit was me to leave my phone there, after a quick trip back and card purchasing we arrived at the Hog Shed. Oh dear. Who invented half price student discount?

We soon got drinkin all things under the sun, though nearly straight away a random dude bought nick a jack-hammer (shot of whiskey and shot of tequila combined) for free cos it was his birthday. Jolly nice chap. Anyway after a few games of screw the dealer mike hit paralaysis, and this was like 1/2pm! It didn't help I bought nick an absyinth, to which he retaliated by giving us each a shot, luckily I swapped my tequila with mike's sambuca, and mike fell into a zombie like state. AFter an awesome curry, mike stumbled off home to wreck havoc in McDonalds and anyone in his path, till his final resting place. home.

We soldiered on however, down in numbers, but with enough gustow to kill a cat. Let the drink fly. Soon we decided to bet on the match, which resulted in a few drunkan trips to the betting shop next door (really stupid place to put one)

*breathes* shit cakes this is a long post, don't get bored!!! quick here's a photo break:

..."oh rly?" conglomorated Mike...

..."yaaahh rly" squeezed Pete while being sucked into the camera...

...Absyinth - the King of death and its other related powers of Vomitting violently...

..."holy fuck bricks!" refrigerated Pete, "we seem to have drunk for too long..."

...a nasty accident left nick with a camera for a mouth as a severed arm flew across the room...

As you probably saw Chloe joined us after her exam (still doing exams! shocking), and then dave did from his magical place of home. More drink was had and then we moved on to New spoons, now having drunk for nearly 8 hours I suspect, now bullet points, hands hurting:

  • More drink
  • Bought Nick a wray and nephew, and got a bit over my hand and nearly vomitted. Unfortunatly Nick did vomit, but seemed better for it so we agreed a good time.
  • Left and grabbed KFC. Can't beat 9 hot wings, except for more, but for 3 quid pretty good.
  • Then we entered arena using some cunning birthday text Nick got - this resulted in a bit of drinking (been drinkin for at least 12 hours and still not hugely drunk) and then a lot of dancing.
  • Some crazy girls started some sort of ass grinding war with us which resulted in much hilarity but terrifying realisation of arse muscle strength.
  • Collapsed
Last Photo Frenzy:

..."I wonder how tight my shirt is" supplemented Tom... too tight Tom, too tight To..wait thats me...

...a rib tickling disease soon ravinged the hardy party, as Pete's drunk detecting finger was re-initiated into the group...

...the solution? The Drunk detector must be inserted in the nearest nose!


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