Did some say hot?

For that, I hear is what it is. I trying to do the chillaxing after a good weekend of, well mostly chillaxing. I shall attempt to recipricate violently all over y'all:


Due to ad being a bit of a spaktard he failed to come to the Ex on Friday, so the gang of Orp were coming up today for Mark's Wedding. Rather than planning how the hell I was gonna get to the wedding I decided the best bet was just to take a train to newton abbot and see what happens. Luckily cory and her friend swept to the rescue and picked me up.

Unfortunatly a suit + one of the hottest days of the year didn't = chilledness but no matter, me and cory decided to get a seat and then fret about everyone else actually getting to the wedding before it was over. Luckily Trev and Beth soon turned up and then Ruffle, Ad, Rex, Dan and Tracey arrived at about 10325 mph possibly nearly killing them all.

Twas good ceremony and food afterwards was much dope apart from some grape juice that was quite horrendous for everyone involved. Unfortuantly we missed the first England match. grrr. but no matter, after a bit of reshuffling I managed to get a lift home and then we pondered our next move. which resulted in Wagamama and onwards to rileys, good chilled fun. I'd elaborate but tbh its about a month later and I have no fucking clue. whoop


the best way to start the day? A Spoons Brekkie down the imp, though cory left at some stupid time in the morning that would kill most people.

And so Every1 left in a flurry of flurry, and we pondipulated the rest of the day.

I'm sure I had photos of the wedding but looks like I was too lazy. Consistency I find is my best feature.


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