Reasons my phone sucks

I've had this phone a year now, and I can cunningly explain all the things I think are wrong with it and why I want a n93 or maybe an n80 if I'm impatient

  • The joystick has a life-time of about 5 months. Its shocking quality, half the time it won't go in some directions, or thinks u've pushed it in. V.Bad - well known problem
  • It can't stand the wear and tear that I inflict upon phones, my previous nokias have taken it, unfortunatly my K750i is more battered than a chip shop fish.
  • Half the time my phone's memory isn't recognised by my pc untill I restart, I don't know if this is my pc's fault, but my friend has this trouble as well.
  • Operating system is very limited, compared to Symbian mobiles it is extremely basic, for my uses, tis not good enough
  • My charger requires lots of wiggling to get it to actually stay charging, connection is poor.
  • Does not support many formats.
  • Photos take a shocking amount of time to taken, even with macro mode off its very hard to capture split second moments of things
  • In-built browser is aweful - if Opera-mini wasn't around I'd barely use wap.
NB: this may not be for all k750is but its from my experience. K750i is not a bad phone as such, it has a HUGE amount of good features, just its very annoying and for me not good enough.


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