and to the party of Pete we strolled

Which shall henceforth be heralded as the party of "Tom only meant to drink 4 fosters but drunk 10 by accident whoops where's my thribble".

I suspect during the day I did very little but soon Pete's party abeckoned and loaded with a partially full crate of beer we marched the ardious trek to his house. Once arriving we noticed it had taken nearly 2 whole minutes, partially cos we were laughing at Summer.

We soon discovered that our beer store was inadequate luckily pete went to our house and got another 20.. I don't think we even conned him into it, he offered! nice one son.

Soon we were a bit tipsy and I ended up talking to some girl called Camilla I think, or of similar name, v.nice girl. The resulting conclusion of the summary of the situation was me and nick being drunk and jumping into a bush (a shrubbery type). Which ensued much hilarity cos we got propa stuck. We then joined the national bush hunt till we reached the end of the road and got bored and went and jumped back in the same bush, leaving it completly fucked.

Luckily nick used his topary skillery to fix it in the morning. Good times all round.

"who the god damn skull duggery are you" exfoliated Stu while suspiciously stealing my soul...

...unfortunatly Stu's cold had worsened and there was nothing anything could or wanted to do to help...

...especially Nick et Mike who were having difficulty with their newly super glued eyelids...

...and so it appear nick had merged with the bush, a poor plan all round really


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