and so began the week of sport

of which I discovered I would be awesome at the 4metre sprint, but after that time would need air pushed into my lungs or death occurs. Ah well at least I can still kinda run fast, and my new trainers make me cream all over the football pitch(or kids playground as the case may be). Umbro and 12 quid! bargainous really. So the schedule u wonder?:

Tuesday: Hectic day of recovering from alcohol poisoning (wasn't too bad really)
Wednesday: Squash
Thursday: Football and a fast-paced session of joining Exeter Library
Friday: Football, innit
Saturday: once more a game of football, these by the way consisted of me, nick, pete and mike, in a 2v2 battle of death, normally resulting in new lungs requiring purchase everytime.

Another new excercise we introduced on saturday was the art of smashing a window without touching it, or indeed throwing things at it, or poking it with a stick. Thats right, our front window just fell down and shattered. Grand. Hopefully louis will sort it while we're on holiday :P


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