Holiday tomorrow... when I say argh, I mean whoop whoop!

We went and got our t-shirts made up today, they be proper booshank, and rightly so my name on the back was Dr Booshank. Chloe had Boro Babe, Pete had Mr Ambassador, Mike had Muppeter, and Nick had The CDB.... thats Crazy Dutch Bastard to ya fools.

Front was a cunningly designed as such:

wait for it...wait for it....there ya go, uber

Unfortunatly the whole debarkal required us to visit the local "watering hole"... and afterwards we went down the Imp for a few pints, good show chaps.

We then traversed to town and then had to pack all our stuff cos we had to get up at some stupid time like 3am, the fools. Minor panik about me not having my licence counterfoil ended with me giving up.

To bed->


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