I think Rex and I brutally attacked

a shopping area, which I shall guess at being near Bond Street. I may even have bought an excellent new coat from Next which makes me look even more sexy than any cyborg has before. In the evening we drank our troubles away along with Ghost Busters and Evil Dead 2, mainly as it was Halloween, and we were scared of children around Stabford going for a jugulars under the guise of "tricking". Those slimey foes.


Was where Rex and I chose to spend our non-hardly earnt money on a variety of food, and yumminess....

Was a poor choice of food based dining, as opposed to other non-food based dining. Was expensive and very crap. I cried a bit. But was in the o2, and I like the o2, it is pretty and has a lovely spinning fair ground at the moment as you may see if you care to glance below this collection of letters and punctuation to the multicoloured grid of pixels. Honk. Luckily Dan and I drowned our sorries in a pub, before...

That's right, Dan, Tracey, Shing, Raffle, Rex and I went to see the epicness which was High School Musical 3. Man it is so epic, people have died in the aisles from how awesome it was. My pants were sodden by the end. Wrapped up the saga very well, songs were excellent, and it was obviously much bigger budget, with some uber choreography. Good work team..
Haha I'm cool.

Lost and Rendered

Yesterday I had an exceptionally awful assessment day at Data Connection. After a somewhat convoluted shouting match with Susie I got to the general area of the DC HQ and proceeded to drive forever down a road trying to find a parking space. This then required me to run back to the HQ to get there on time. Needless to say interview was shit, 3 other people there, cambridge and Warwick sorts, pyscometric tests were fine, but then we had 3 essay style questions, which I messed up, and didn't explain very well in the following interview. So I drove home and got hammered with everyone. Good times.

Today, Rex, Shing and I saw French and Saunders live at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre, which was really good, except the seats were far too small for the average bear, or me. The show was funny, and I had some ice cream flavoured with chocolate yum, but I fear it could have been more clever. The show, not the ice cream. Though either would have been fantastic.

Paired updating? Why not

Yesterday I met up with the fools, by which I mean Mike, Pete and Chloe, for the upcoming Alumni ball that evening, which rex viciously and without repent stole my car to drive another set of fools down to the lovely town/city of Exeter to save some hearts via the walking in a exeter shaped circumference. Anyway, we prepped ourselves with the Goose, which may have been a mistake, then bust up the ball, which was near Holborn.

Exceptionally fancy place, far too fancy for any of us, well at least me. We grabbed a pint at the front bar (4 quid a pint), then went into the main sparkly hall with huge chandeleurs and spiffiness. Some free champagne later and a professional photo, and we were all seated on our table. After an initial table bonding taste test of jelly beans (which we never found out the answer to on the night), we had some very fancy but scrummy food. Small portions and all that. Mike and I polished off a bottle and a bit of red wine, while we watched a video on the people the ball is helping. There was then a crazy OC style auction where people were bidding thousands on signed photos of celebrities. Pretty crazy. We didn't bid at all.

The night then spiralled into the usual drink fuelled dancing sessions most people get involved in while wearing dresses and tuxes. This time I chose to wear a tux, however. The DJ stopped an hour early though, as they apparently lost power, which was annoying, but the live band before were very good, and blues brothers like at points. Anyway, we left, and I got exceptionally annoyed at my inability to find the 25 bus stop. Ah well. Good night

Today we mostly went for breakfast, NOT in spoons and I whittled away the hours of my existence by playing fable 2. Good game. Bit addictive.

The Devil in the wishing well...

Yesterday Rex and I had the stupid idea of going for a run, which resulted in all manner of death for Tom, mainly of the heart and the lungs. It's quite scary really, you'd hope it catalyses me to get fit.... scoff. haw haw.

Anyway, we made some excellent casserole, I'd try and remember what it consisted of, but that was like 1.5 months ago. I mean, yes I'm writing this right now..... Rex and I then decided to carry on our martini addiction (or Vespa, ala original James Bond) while trying to write a song. It didn't really work, and it turns out we stole the chord progression from Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice. Ah well.

Moving swiftly on, today we made use of our time and visited the London Transport Museum, which has been done up since I went there last. Muchos enjoyable, and we got to go around and stamp a little green booklet to prove we'd been around the entire museum. Good fun. I played on a bus. As the accompanying photo shows. We also drove the tube, myself very poorly, possibly why I'm not going for a TFL job. We also learnt that u can get electrocuted on electrified tracks. We had lunch which was awesome as it was wagamama, plus some form of coffee related shiz. Followed by some shopping then home. Russ went home to Orpington, while Rex and I met Joff and Sarah at Wembley Arena for Fall Out Boy, supported by Boys Like Girls.

I had been quite excited about BLG, though me and rex also decided to have some large form of alcohol consumption as we didn't have jobs and damn the world. Anyway, BLG played an epically short set, which I was annoyed at, we had seating tickets rather than pit tickets, though FOB were good. I was sitting next to someone the size of Germany though, very annoying. Was still good though, fun times. Long trip home.

In cunning preparation

for seeing High School Musical 3 later this week, or at some point when we have some free time in our busy busy bum schedules. Not that I schedule bumming sessions or anything. They're just first come first serve....

We decided to have a HSM fest round Dan and Tracey as they hadn't properly seen the first 2, the fools. Some destruction of Dan's soul later, we got dominos pizza, which as usual was awesome, followed by watching Surf's up which wasn't too bad, but wasn't quite a humour filled gallivant around town.

I'd gallivant all over Troy.

Wore Dress. Excellent

3 Doors Down

Very good. Rex let me drink beer. It was pretty excellent all round, except they were wildly ambitious expensive. The Indigo2 is awesome, we had some crazy 3 course Thai meal deal for 7.99 there. I love the O2 lots. Proof:

Tate Modern Photo Montague!

We will become Silhouettes

Went home, was like, "hey momma". Went to high elms and had food in the cafe there. Not a great cafe and I think mum was scared of the doggies there. They were loud. So were the babies. We walked lots. I was a little bit tired.

Subphylum: Chelicerata

Where the car is heart.

Yesterday, I was mostly filled with a looming sense of depression and foreboding, interwoven with a longing for action.

Today I decided to be more proactive and do things such as

  1. Shopping for sustenance.
  2. Removal of hazardous indoor lights from the outdoors and wet.
  3. Clear sick bucket from my room.
  4. Posted a letter
  5. Did some laundry.
  6. Talked to a nice guy about a job
Tomorrow I imagine I'll have to attack a big spider.

Party Extravanganza

at Chez Starr. As predicted the whole night is somewhat foggy, but alcohol was a' flowing. Luckily, I managed to jot down a variety of snippets from the evening in handy bullet point form:

  • Rex destroyed people with vodka jelly once more
  • Tom and Greg/Anthony Snogged
  • Rex participated in talk less talking
  • 'Arrogance' with lots of vodka. Hess's idea. At one point in ran on 5 times, Hess lost on his turn, but lucky for him Stacey knocked some of it over.
  • Shing stole jon's t-shirt and tom's shirt.
  • Rex and Tom take ages taking Louise and Katy to station, smoked ciggys by accident
  • Shing kissed everyone. Everyone.
  • 2 mysterious people had sex in Shing's room
  • Adam and Cory jumped into russ's room through window.
  • Rex, Tom, and Stacey had possible spitroast action, much to Ceri's confusion.
  • Stacey's Mum song sung to her.
  • Russ got tipped upside his head/down
  • Unspecified lips activity occurred.
The morning after we all woke up slightly bleary eyed but didn't feel as bad as I should of. Huge group of us went to Spoons for breakfast, which was a pretty awful mistake as they were extremely rude, refused to believe that not all our paid for breakfasts came out, even though there were not enough plates to match the receipts we all kept!

"How hard is it to decide to be in a good mood,
And then just be.. in.. a good mood?
That's all I have to say because it's a straight up fact,
You control your emotions it's as simple as that" - Dan Le Sac

Quick Fire Round:

Met Rex and Shing in Goose.
Merry after just 4 pints.
Met Twits at night.
Possibly met others.
Sleep over.

What I have or haven't been recently doing:

29th: Interview with recruitment agency
30th: Interview with financial software house, went surprisingly well, I unfolded an adequate about of wit to appear charming, but not crazy. Or likely to come on to their amputee daughters.
01st: 2 hour 40 min interview with financial software house again. Last stage of interview, was exceptionally grilled, Burger King style but without the technical knowledge. Didn't do too bad. Had a coffee afterwards, after realising that drinking coffee before an interview makes my heart beat far to fast to control my brain waves. Relaxed.
02nd: Found out I didn't get job because they were not sure my focus was on software development, recruitment lady was somewhat bemused and pissed off by them. I was a bit like meh, so caught up on gossip girl. Shut up. It's good. Met Rex Et Shing for shopping and garfunkels in London, moderately yummy, probably money I shouldn't be spending.

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