Party Extravanganza

at Chez Starr. As predicted the whole night is somewhat foggy, but alcohol was a' flowing. Luckily, I managed to jot down a variety of snippets from the evening in handy bullet point form:

  • Rex destroyed people with vodka jelly once more
  • Tom and Greg/Anthony Snogged
  • Rex participated in talk less talking
  • 'Arrogance' with lots of vodka. Hess's idea. At one point in ran on 5 times, Hess lost on his turn, but lucky for him Stacey knocked some of it over.
  • Shing stole jon's t-shirt and tom's shirt.
  • Rex and Tom take ages taking Louise and Katy to station, smoked ciggys by accident
  • Shing kissed everyone. Everyone.
  • 2 mysterious people had sex in Shing's room
  • Adam and Cory jumped into russ's room through window.
  • Rex, Tom, and Stacey had possible spitroast action, much to Ceri's confusion.
  • Stacey's Mum song sung to her.
  • Russ got tipped upside his head/down
  • Unspecified lips activity occurred.
The morning after we all woke up slightly bleary eyed but didn't feel as bad as I should of. Huge group of us went to Spoons for breakfast, which was a pretty awful mistake as they were extremely rude, refused to believe that not all our paid for breakfasts came out, even though there were not enough plates to match the receipts we all kept!


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