What I have or haven't been recently doing:

29th: Interview with recruitment agency
30th: Interview with financial software house, went surprisingly well, I unfolded an adequate about of wit to appear charming, but not crazy. Or likely to come on to their amputee daughters.
01st: 2 hour 40 min interview with financial software house again. Last stage of interview, was exceptionally grilled, Burger King style but without the technical knowledge. Didn't do too bad. Had a coffee afterwards, after realising that drinking coffee before an interview makes my heart beat far to fast to control my brain waves. Relaxed.
02nd: Found out I didn't get job because they were not sure my focus was on software development, recruitment lady was somewhat bemused and pissed off by them. I was a bit like meh, so caught up on gossip girl. Shut up. It's good. Met Rex Et Shing for shopping and garfunkels in London, moderately yummy, probably money I shouldn't be spending.


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