Lost and Rendered

Yesterday I had an exceptionally awful assessment day at Data Connection. After a somewhat convoluted shouting match with Susie I got to the general area of the DC HQ and proceeded to drive forever down a road trying to find a parking space. This then required me to run back to the HQ to get there on time. Needless to say interview was shit, 3 other people there, cambridge and Warwick sorts, pyscometric tests were fine, but then we had 3 essay style questions, which I messed up, and didn't explain very well in the following interview. So I drove home and got hammered with everyone. Good times.

Today, Rex, Shing and I saw French and Saunders live at the Royal Drury Lane Theatre, which was really good, except the seats were far too small for the average bear, or me. The show was funny, and I had some ice cream flavoured with chocolate yum, but I fear it could have been more clever. The show, not the ice cream. Though either would have been fantastic.


Unknown 6:12 pm  

Hi I have an assessment day at DATA CONNECTION next week, can you please tell me what type of questions were asked during interview and also what the tests were about. My email is ahmd.sana@gmail.com. I really do need your help!!!!!!! plz drop me an email if u can!!!!!

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