The Devil in the wishing well...

Yesterday Rex and I had the stupid idea of going for a run, which resulted in all manner of death for Tom, mainly of the heart and the lungs. It's quite scary really, you'd hope it catalyses me to get fit.... scoff. haw haw.

Anyway, we made some excellent casserole, I'd try and remember what it consisted of, but that was like 1.5 months ago. I mean, yes I'm writing this right now..... Rex and I then decided to carry on our martini addiction (or Vespa, ala original James Bond) while trying to write a song. It didn't really work, and it turns out we stole the chord progression from Finley Quaye & William Orbit - Dice. Ah well.

Moving swiftly on, today we made use of our time and visited the London Transport Museum, which has been done up since I went there last. Muchos enjoyable, and we got to go around and stamp a little green booklet to prove we'd been around the entire museum. Good fun. I played on a bus. As the accompanying photo shows. We also drove the tube, myself very poorly, possibly why I'm not going for a TFL job. We also learnt that u can get electrocuted on electrified tracks. We had lunch which was awesome as it was wagamama, plus some form of coffee related shiz. Followed by some shopping then home. Russ went home to Orpington, while Rex and I met Joff and Sarah at Wembley Arena for Fall Out Boy, supported by Boys Like Girls.

I had been quite excited about BLG, though me and rex also decided to have some large form of alcohol consumption as we didn't have jobs and damn the world. Anyway, BLG played an epically short set, which I was annoyed at, we had seating tickets rather than pit tickets, though FOB were good. I was sitting next to someone the size of Germany though, very annoying. Was still good though, fun times. Long trip home.


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