Paired updating? Why not

Yesterday I met up with the fools, by which I mean Mike, Pete and Chloe, for the upcoming Alumni ball that evening, which rex viciously and without repent stole my car to drive another set of fools down to the lovely town/city of Exeter to save some hearts via the walking in a exeter shaped circumference. Anyway, we prepped ourselves with the Goose, which may have been a mistake, then bust up the ball, which was near Holborn.

Exceptionally fancy place, far too fancy for any of us, well at least me. We grabbed a pint at the front bar (4 quid a pint), then went into the main sparkly hall with huge chandeleurs and spiffiness. Some free champagne later and a professional photo, and we were all seated on our table. After an initial table bonding taste test of jelly beans (which we never found out the answer to on the night), we had some very fancy but scrummy food. Small portions and all that. Mike and I polished off a bottle and a bit of red wine, while we watched a video on the people the ball is helping. There was then a crazy OC style auction where people were bidding thousands on signed photos of celebrities. Pretty crazy. We didn't bid at all.

The night then spiralled into the usual drink fuelled dancing sessions most people get involved in while wearing dresses and tuxes. This time I chose to wear a tux, however. The DJ stopped an hour early though, as they apparently lost power, which was annoying, but the live band before were very good, and blues brothers like at points. Anyway, we left, and I got exceptionally annoyed at my inability to find the 25 bus stop. Ah well. Good night

Today we mostly went for breakfast, NOT in spoons and I whittled away the hours of my existence by playing fable 2. Good game. Bit addictive.


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