Holy stinking feet batman

wasn't expecting that when I sat down, shoulda left my shoes on

Enterprise Exam: Holy crap that was pretty bad, but I may have scraped something that could keep my marks back. Luckily I got marks back from coursework, got 83 and 78(avec dave). So that pwned the socks off what I was expecting. thank you miss yu Ping Pong.

Unfortunatly the exam then made me feel I needed to reward myself...by watching way too much My Name Is Earl. And then today iwas just lazy. I did discover though that the solution to my revision troubles are : 1) Don't be near a pc 2) Revise on my own.

Other wise distractions run rampent.
Not long left kids, only 8 days. Then I'm unleashed upon the unsuspecting world... except I now told it.... if it reads my blog....which it prolly doesn't....cos it doesn't have any eyes....that I know of...oink oink


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