Well this is stupid

I'm so behind, such a waste of this blog that I nearly kept up-to-date against most odds and spates of emoness. I'm not sure how I never have the time, it's not like I achieve anything of worth, apart from tweet repeatedly dull excerpts of my life. I've got some notes for this blog, but they stretch back to January, which is a whole lifetime away. Slowly everything I do slips away from me and my memories without this dump. Possibly stems the tide of emo that builds up with the ponderment that is required to write the prose this poor abandoned page begs for. Soon I'll be jetting off to morocco, with my journal and a pen, writing down thoughts that I kid myself will make it up on here. I haven't even finished wanderingtectonics because I can't read the awful cave man scrawl I wrote when I was in Japan.

Perhaps if I woke at 7 each morning I could catch up my blog, then extrapolate my awakeness into some form of gym. Or hope. Or Love.

I blame the Dum Dums.


Anonymous 3:28 pm  

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Anonymous 11:02 pm  

MJ just died - sell your tickets

Anonymous 10:30 pm  


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