CIMG1380In the morning we walked into town after a long shower routine, and I randomly bumped into Harriet from travelling, which was insanely coincidental, but very cool. We met cory in town, which began our long string of various pubs, first of all a CIMG1384pub for food, followed by the living room which is a really cool looking pub with an amazing toilet that you get to over a glass walkway. Failed numerous times to go out a boat cruise of the river and bristol, mainly due to my owe poor reading of time. Walked through the cool square by the waterfront, then went to CIMG1391something circus, the new shopping centre, and had patisserie, though I think I chose a caffeinated warm drink instead to ease the pain. Went to the Bay Horse for a pint, before returning to centre, Pitcher and Piano, where we refuelled on jugs of cocktails before hitting up a curry restaurant called TIkka flame. Pretty Good. Afterwards we went to a casino,  which filled me with soul destruction. Finally went off to ‘Start The Bus’, cool indie type bar place but we knew none of the songs. So got Subway then went home.



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