CIMG1372 Recently I cleaned the world, before watching nearly the entirety of the new terminator series which appears to be most excellent.CIMG1365

Today we were kind of bored so decided the best course of action was to randomly go to London, so we got on the DLR with no real plan, that resulted in us getting to the Cutty Sark, walking along the river, then grabbing a pint in the classic yacht pub.  Went to another pub which had a photo of loads of CIMG1364naked people on the road outside. It was very studenty and seemed to be playing the entire Coldplay album, which I appreciated, and also got a bit drunk, so we all decided we wanted it to be our local. Maybe just me.

Shing got some crazy doughnut thing from the nearby market. Went to next pub rather than home as boon forgot his umbrella, which resulted in more beer, followed by a large amount of Noodles. Rolled back home and decided to watch a film. Love Actually, is, as usual, the perfect vehicle of destructive tendencies that plagues my every thought, and so destroys my every hope... Luckily we played a vastly hardcore drinking game. Nice.


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