Shing’s Birthday

CIMG1297 Yesterday we celebrated Shing’s birthday with the normal presents, totally epic panda cake (courtesy of Rachel), and the obligatory drunken night out. So after work we slammed into Bar One for their excellent £5 menu offer, met up with some peeps and began the drinking CIMG1307onslaught. At some point Rachel ordered enough Tapas for the entire world, for herself, so naturally I had to help, and Shing et Raffle swapped dresses in the toilets for some sexual yet unknown reason. We then progressed on to Zoo bar where  Shing had reserved us a table, and we continued the drunken debauchery, CIMG1338moving on to shots of varying death and suspicion, culminating in people dancing around a strippers pole. Smooth. Eventually we got a taxi home and I didn’t throw up on in, bonus points to the Tom.

Today, after a rather spectacular recovery, we realised we had minimal food in all of our refrigeration devices and our cupboards were barer than Miss Hubbard’s, so resorted to Dominos pizza. Yums!


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