Reel Big Fish

CIMG1403 Met rex after work, beer’d ourselves up, and proceeded to an AWESOME gig by Reel Big Fish, supported by the excellent Suburban Legends, who had some excellent synchronised brass dancing. Good times. Had drinks in places around Southwark: JagerBombs and builliet bourbon etc. Then went to the bar next to the Kentish Town venue (HMV Forum), went in, met Kirsty and her friend. First time I’ve properly moshed for a while as well, got exceptionally soaked in sweat, but no injured, so win win all round really. Though I did lose my key which was a bit sad, but we got KFC in the end, which was excellent.CIMG1404

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  • sweet, rex getting jager bombs for our 2nd drink. we're so hip jesus aint got nuttin on us
  • that's some dope drinking physics right there. why does my heart hurt?
  • bourbon: the redisovery. in theatres now. mind the gap
  • hookers. and sambuca through your eye,
  • good times kids, good times. reminds of uni gigs where i end up drenched in sweat. sweet
  • KFC is a good reward for the sweat I have lost. Unfortunately the pit claimed my house key. Error.


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