Drowning in miniature brain snippets

  • Damn work. Sarah Connor rules. Robots everywhere
  • On pancake day boon came round and after some crazy coloured pancakes (green), we chatted about morocco for a while, as that is our next destination.
  • Yesterday, when walking into my work building, I held a door open for 2 guys, they ignored me, opened the other door, and walked through without acknowledging me. I called them a bunch of retards as I scampered up the stairs. Win.
  • There was also a Zombie riot in streets and I discovered Safari Books Online are very good, as are the Sarah Connor Chronicles.
  • I'm Famous Mum!:http://tinyurl.com/ake3hs.
  • Many people were protesting the world service, and/or its reduction, outside the bbc house near Holborn.
  • Booked Morocco flights for easter and became a gym member(as a sexy couple with rex) ,woo!


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