Welcome to the industrial revolution

Well as all good addicts with short attention spans would do, I have deleted farmville from my facebook, for a number of reasons, but mainly because its "save" mechanism often seems to forget the saving part. So after spending far too long making my farm look pretty rather than practical, and on learning that I lost all of that already wasted time, so in theory it was wasted-time2 or something, I questioned why I was even playing it. Then I stopped. Now I'm happy. Apart from the recent plate punching incident, that was uncalled for, except for the racial slurs that the plate was ejaculating all over the kitchen.

I do hate having to clean the house, I'll be the first in line when they finally bring out those retro steam-punk robots from the 70's that have concertina arms, and feather dusters. Cone boobs as well, no doubt causing the initial uprising of our steam powered skynet overlords.

Snippets: I'm so used to spotify now, I failed to find the volume on itunes initially. SNIP. Walking home form work when it's dark is suprisingly exciting, a mix of christmas and the general electricity of the night. SNIP. Geocities which shut down today, was bought by yahoo in 1999 for $3.57 billion... SNIP. Apparently the moon is a series of tubes. SNIP. The Stratford Rex is still sometimes used as a gig venue, Lil Wayne in fact was bottled there in '08. SNIP.

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