Dignity and More….

Went to Boon's for a classic Steamboat - ah the memories of Ad going grey from the one we had in Malaysia. Was very tasty anyway, and we were all jovial and the such like. Afterwards I bust on out into Victoria to meet Katie in a coffee vendor while she was on the way through, had an awesome chat with her. Afterwards I then met up with Rex and we traversed to the Ship Tavern in Holborn, which has a very good rating according to my phone, was pretty good, though extremely tiny. Moved onto the Princess Louise which is very weirdly laid out, with small walled off pockets with lots of doors in between, all around the bar area. They only sell their own brand products as well, which is interesting but pretty cheap, I think work peeps go there a lot. Next on to the Beirodrome which was a bit expensive, but surprisingly close to my work, it’s not very noticeable though. Moved on to Mcdonalds near Charing Cross to recharge our hunger motors, and finally had 1 in Bar Ha Ha before heading home. I apparently forgot to take any photos, so that’ll show everyone what for.


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