Steampunks in your underwear.

CIMG1431 I swear the office is some form of New Zealand v Australia face off. It’s like west end story but with boomerangs.

Even greater than that awesome joke, is the fact I managed to get Brand New tickets, which in hindsight was amazing as they sold out in 15 minutes or less, as Joff didn’t managed to get any :( After work, in celebration, I met up with Shing, and we stormed into the Slug and Lettuce for CIMG1426 some food and drinkies, before finding a crazy pub called the Pillars of Hercules, where we had a nice crammed pint, and then mooched onto the Porterhouse to see Rex. The Porterhouse is fantastic, brew all their own beer, and looks amazing inside, all brass and slightly steampunk, though not really.

As normal we ended up in KFC on the way home, much to everyone’s rejoice.



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